LCAP Task Force

SFUSD staff, district advisory committees, labor and community partners work collaboratively as the LCAP Task Force to improve transparency and accountability for the Local Control and Accountability Plan.

We strive to improve alignment between school-site and district-level planning, and support student, family & staff participation in the budget process.

LCAP Task Force and Stakeholder Engagement

Task Force Meeting Notes and Materials

The SFUSD LCAP Task Force has completed our meetings for the 2020-21 School Year.

LCAP presentations will be made at the following upcoming Board of Education Meetings:

  • 6/15/21 Committee of the Whole
  • 6/22/21 Regular Board of Education Meeting

Please check back in August for information on meetings for the 2021-22 School Year.

Notes, presentations and other materials from past meetings:

School Year 2020-21

School Year 2019-20

What does the LCAP Task Force do?

This very brief presentation provides general information about the purpose and goals of participants of the LCAP Task Force.  These slides include a link to more detailed information about our approach to stakeholder engagement.

The one-page document lists the organizations, advisory groups and SFUSD departments that work collaboratively as the LCAP Task Force, and the focus areas for our work.

Our Approach to Stakeholder Engagement

This presentation describes our approach to engaging students, families, district staff and community partners to inform SFUSD's Local Control and Accountability Plan.

Please note this reflects the LCAP Task Force approach prior to school closures due to the pandemic and Shelter in Place orders.  We will be reviewing and adjusting our approach this fall and throughout the school year, depending on specific conditions.

Advisory Committee Recommendations

The district advisory committees who participate in the LCAP Task Force present Joint Recommendations to SFUSD leaders and the Board of Education. 

Read reports and Recommendations from the past two years:

May 25, 2021: Joint Advisories Report and Recommendations to the Board of Education 

September 22, 2020:   SFUSD's written responses to Joint Advisory Committee's feedback to the district's draft Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan.


May 26, 2020:  Joint Recommendations to the Board of Education:  Report in English, in Spanish and Chinese

(Note: due to Shelter in Place orders, typical LCAP stakeholder conversations did not take place; however, the Advisory Committees did have many conversations with families and students, which informed the following report.)


Folder with reports during 2018-19 (to inform the LCAP for 2019-20), including:

  • Findings from LCAP stakeholder engagement,
  • Materials from public forum to review the draft LCAP
  • Joint LCAP Recommendations, May 2019.