By: Zev Curiel-Friedman

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After winning the consolation championship in McKinleyville the squad comes together for a team photo.



  With basketball season just getting underway, the boy’s varsity team is off to one of their hottest starts in recent years. In their first tournament of the year hosted by McKinleyville high school, the team only lost one game on their way to winning the consolation championship against Arcata high school 70-64 in a thrilling overtime finish.

  After a bump in the road with a loss to powerhouse DeLa Salle, the team rattled off three straight victories to win Drake high school’s annual ‘Red Brown’ tournament. The squad kept their momentum rolling with a demolishing victory over Balboa high school 80-42, in which the starters didn’t play the entire second half, and only played four minutes in the game's entirety. With the starters resting, Sophomore Joseph Fox paced the Mustangs with 18 points off the bench.

  The bout counted as their first league game of the season due to a new schedule change that was implemented this year. In between their remaining two preseason games against WCAL competitors St. Ignatius and Bellaire, the team will take on Lowell at home on 12/17 in hopes of starting their regular season 2-0.


By: Zev Curiel-Friedman

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After scoring a huge point in the championship game, the team comes together to celebrate. Photo by: Jasmine Yun



  The ALHS’ Tennis Team has always had good seasons even though there were always a few obstacles throughout the years. They accomplished second place in the city this season, ranking division A with approximately five wins and two loses.

  A few years back, Lincoln’s tennis team had many issues with teammates not showing up to practice or the coach being late. A couple of years later, the same problem is still going on. They still have not given up hope that there will be another good year

  “Our coach would either show up late, not show up at all, or show up and not really put in the effort to coach. He also canceled practice the day before playoffs without notifying us,” said Kelsey Liang. “I feel like we put in more practice on our own now instead of waiting to be told what to do.”

  I reached out to the coach for comment but never received a response.

  They took matters into their own hands and put in work with a practice schedule from Monday to Friday, and sometimes Saturday which lead them to the championship. That shows how much passion they really do have for the game. They could of easily gave up, but they didn’t.

  “It was definitely a mental change to get the right mindset and have the confidence,” said Lindsey Wong.

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