By: Huanbin Chen

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Lincoln is at game point and ready for the last smash.

     As we are welcoming the spring semester, the boys tennis team is firing off practice for the new season. Lincoln’s boys tennis team has won several rewards from its previous seasons and remain formidably strong.

A strong team is not only skillful but also has passionate players.

A veteran on the team reflects, “I love playing tennis and I realized that not a lot of people in our school play tennis, so I thought this could be a great opportunity for me. My goals for this season are to learn to deal with pressure during a match, and to hopefully win a few matches.”

As a team with so much potential, veterans have set high expectations for the team. “A team takes years to develop and we would love to see more freshmen joining us so we can become a much more competitive team in a few years. [On the team] I learned to accept the mistakes I made and to adapt to different challenging conditions, such as the sunlight and strong winds,” says Nathan Gee.

The tennis team proves that lack of teamwork and empathy can never leads to a strong team.

“Being a part of the team feels like a family, since we spend so much time together—up to 18 hours of practice a week! I learned that even though tennis is only played as singles and doubles, we need to support each other in order to win as a team,” says Damond, a sophomore tennis veteran.

Players are diligent and enthusiastic about tennis. Looking forward, let’s wish the best of luck to the boy’s tennis team and hope that they will be the most glorious champions.


    Boys golf: The team upset Washington to earn a spot in the championship match against Lowell.  According to coach Steve Robins, “The team played their best match of the year.”

Football: Coach Ferrigno was named this year’s winner of the Steve  Mariucci Trophy as the Male Coach of the Year by the SF Italian Athletic Club.  Jovon Baker was also honored as football Player of the Year.

Volleyball: Boys volleyball advanced to the league championship where they will face Burton.  Senior Lana Radakovic was named SF Italian Athletic Club Female Athlete of the Year.

Swimming: Senior Ethan Hoang won the 50 Freestyle SF Section championship and will be competing at the California State Championship meet.  Mustang Boys JV team won the SF JV section championship last week at City College.

Boys Tennis: Aidan Ng and Nathan Gee combined to finish in second place in the novice division in the SF section tennis tournament.  Michael Joy Medina, Ethan Fong, and Malik Johnson reached the quarterfinals in the championships.

Girls Soccer: Nora Reed, sophomore goalkeeper, was named to the Girls’ All-SF second team.

All Spring Sports teams had team GPAs of over 3.00.


By: Urban

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     From December 7th to December 9th, 2018, Mustang Weightlifters were competing in the Senior American Open in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with major success. The Mustang team took home three bronze medals and improved personal records in every category. There are also two Lincoln Alumni who were lifting at the event as well. Both have had lots of success in weightlifting events and series, one of which is on the Pan American Weightlifting team.

Hailey Trinh completed her second senior event with the Mustang team. She has moved up to the Youth Pan Am ranking, after overcoming an initial coaching mistake. After that, she went on to improve her snatch, jerk, and clean pull by 20 kilograms (that’s over 40 pounds!). The Youth Pan Am team will go on to compete with other weightlifters across both North and South America.

Julia Yun also improved her own records. She lifted with an extra five kilograms, which amounts to 110 kilograms. Julia successfully clean pulled and jerked over 240 pounds.

Seth Tom took home the medals for the team, taking third place both the Snatch pull and Clean & Jerk categories. Judges gave Tom a score of 93 on his Snatch and 117 points on his clean and Jerk, totaling 210 points overall. Tom finished the series in third place, and now qualifies for the Junior World and Senior World weightlifting championships.

Also at the Senior American Open, Mustang Alumni Jenny Lam and Dangelo Osorio both lifted at the event as well. Osorio is currently on the Senior Pan American Team, a team that will be competing in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Class of 2005 Alumni Steve Rogers and Benjamin Hwa also assisted with coaching and helping to improve all of their records and take home the medals.

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