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Only under special circumstances may students complete a Course Change Request form for the Spring '23 semester. Special circumstances include the following:

  • Needing 7th Block Athletic Director for sports
  • Students who received D/F grades in Algebra 1, Geometry, & Algebra 2
  • Students with incomplete schedules/open blocks/missing a core class required for graduation

Counselors will only make changes for the above circumstances. Changes are dependent on class availability and are not promised. Counselors will do their best to make changes that are the least disruptive to your schedule.

By submitting a Spring '23 Course Change Request, Students and Families understand that other classes may be affected and any changes as a result of the request cannot be undone. Furthermore, We understand the following: 

  • That changes are not guaranteed and are dependent on class availability
  • Grade level required courses will not be removed
  • My request may affect my other classes/cause changes in my schedule that are irreversible
  • My counselor will not email me directly and I must check my class schedule on StudentVue regularly to see if my request was processed
  • The Add/Drop deadlines are as follows: to add within the first 2 weeks of school (January 13), to drop within the first 3 weeks of school (January 20)
  • Any requests to drop a class after the drop deadline will require permission from the teacher of the course being dropped, permission from my caregiver, my counselor, and an assistant principal. 
  • Any requests to add a course after the add deadline will require permission from the receiving teacher, my counselor and an assistant principal.
  • For adding and Dropping an AP/Honors class, I will complete the AP/Honors Acknowledgement Form: https://forms.gle/umnmX5R6KSQT5Nqs5 

See form for more details and information.  

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