General Education Transportation Services

General Education Transportation Services

SFUSD is planning to provide general education transportation services for a limited number of SFUSD's elementary schools (see list below). If you are returning to in-person learning at one of these schools, you may request transportation services.  We may not be able to provide general education transportation services to all families who request services for the return of in-person learning, so we encourage you to review the following web pages to explore other transportation options:,

Important:  If your child receives transportation services based on their IEP,  and you said yes to in-person learning, you do NOT need to submit this form, and you will receive information about your transportation services during the week of March 29th. 

During the week of April 2nd, the Transportation Department will notify all families requesting general education services whether their request for transportation has been approved or denied. Please contact SFUSD Transportation Department at (415) 695-5505 if you have any questions.

Prior to sending your child back to school, please review the guidelines for riding a school bus during COVID-19. It can be found at the following links (English, Chinese, Spanish).

General Education Transportation Request Form