1. Current Student - Work Permits

1. Current Student - Work Permits

Starting Monday, January 8th, 2024, SFUSD high school students can go to their SCHOOL SITE to apply for a work permit. We hope this transition will be more convenient for the students so they will no longer have to go to the SFUSD Transcripts, Records & Work Permits Office.

The SFUSD Transcripts, Records & Work Permits Office (20 Cook St., 1st floor Room 11 - San Francisco, CA  94118 ) will continue to support issuing work permits during summer or times when school sites are closed (holidays or school breaks) or for students in middle school that are eligible for a work permit.


If you are eligible for a work permit (scroll down to see requirements below), please visit our SFUSD Transcripts, Records & Work Permits Office (20 Cook St.,1st floor Room 11 - San Francisco, CA 94118). Currently, work permits are not issued at the middle school sites. Please note:

  • Students applying for JCYC summer jobs have been sent links to their prefilled work permit application. Print out the prefilled JCYC application and then fill out the Student, School, and Parent sections (and student/parent sign).  Bring the application to JCYC for their signature and then to the Transcript Office for issuance.
  • For middle school students applying for non-JCYC summer jobs, you can get a work permit application from your school counselor or download a copy linked below, complete the application, and bring it to the Transcript Office. 

SFUSD High School Work Permit Contact List:

Requirements for a Work Permit:

To obtain a work permit, the student must be a current SFUSD student (13 years or older) and meet the following requirements per Board Policy 5113.2, Administrative Regulation 5113.2.

  • Students must demonstrate satisfactory school attendance.  
  • Maintain a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) during the academic year.
  • Students do not need to meet the GPA criteria to obtain a permit to work over the SUMMER.

** If a student does not meet the GPA or attendance requirements, the student can meet with a Counselor/Administrator to see if they are eligible for an exemption.

Documents Needed for a Work Permit:

  • Proof of Age 
    • One of the following: birth certificate, passport, California ID, or Driver's License

​​​​​​**This document is required if getting a work permit from the district Work Permits Office (when school is not in session)

  • Proof of GPA and Attendance 
    • Bring the most current PROGRESS REPORT that includes attendance for the semester. 
    • If the student is applying before the first Progress Report of the semester, the previous semester’s FINAL GRADES will be used.

​​​​​​**This document is required if getting a work permit from the district Work Permits Office (when school is not in session)

  • Completed Work Permit Application

How to Complete the Work Permit Application:

  • The student FULLY completes a work permit application (CDE Form B1-1), Minor’s Information, and School Information.
    • The student needs to add the social security number
    • Please write clearly with correct spelling
  • Parent/Legal Guardian completes and signs off the Parent/Guardian section.
  • Employer completes and signs off the Employer section.
  • The Student leaves the bottom section "For authorized work permit issuer use ONLY" blank.
  • The student’s signature, parent/guardian’s signature, and employer’s signature are required for the WET SIGNATURE. No digital/computerized signatures are accepted.
  • The student then brings a COMPLETED work permit application to the school to apply for a student work permit.

Non-SFUSD Student (Charter, Private, Boarding School, Online/Virtual, Out of District): 

**We ONLY support Non-SFUSD students in the SUMMER when school is closed (the below documents are required). Students need to apply for a work permit at their school during the school year.

  • Completed application with WET signatures
  • A Photo ID - School ID, State/Government ID, Driver’s License, or Passport 
  • Proof of Age - Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Enrollment - Most Recent Progress Report Card


  • UPDATED RENEWAL PROCESS: if you are still working for the same employer at the time the work permit expires, you must submit a NEW application (you can no longer use a copy of your old work permit)
  • CA Minor Work Hours
  • Students must renew their work permit with a separate application at the beginning of each school year
  • Students must also have a separate work permit for each distinct job
  • The following students do NOT need work permits:
    • Those who have graduated from high school, regardless of age
    • Those who have passed the California High School Proficiency Exam
    • Those who are 18 years of age or older
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