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What's Your Favorite Memory While Here at Lincoln?


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Tyler / James

“When I first came to Lincoln I met this dude named Jojo and he introduced me to the football team. I later became the star of J.V.”


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Jose Canales

“When I was in my freshman year, I went to Disneyland with RO. At the hotel I met this cool dude ‘Leo’ and overall it was a good experience, especially when we went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings with new friends we made.”


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Izabelle Brown

“My favorite memory is sophomore spring break when RO took a trip to Six Flags. It was a day filled with laughter and great memories with my favorite people. I got to enjoy a lot of expensive but good food and went on some great roller coasters.”


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Tyler Tran

“My favorite memory at Lincoln was getting pushed by this guy and flying like...ten feet. He felt bad for it so he picked me up and hugged me and then we both went on our way”



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