Loggin Out

people in the halls


By: Laila Boston

Emily B.

  What celebrity would you take to Prom and why?

  “I would take syd fine a**, I would take her because she’s just everything.”


  Marvin G.

  If you were a animal what kind of animal would you be?

  “I would be a dog because I’m a dog out here in real life…”

Jael B.

  When was your first date and how did it go?

  “My first date was like our sixth month anniversary I think with my boyfriend and we went to olive garden and it was cool. I think it was like we were nervous because we never been like somewhere fancy by ourselves, everywhere we went someone was always with us…”

Word Jumble:

  1)C N N I L L C



  2)A C M A Y D E



  3)S M N A S T G U



  4)P P S C H A O I M I N H S



  5)H O L S S C T A T O


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