Mission Statement & Schoolwide Learning Outcomes (SLO's)

Mission Statement & Schoolwide Learning Outcomes (SLO’s)

ALHS Mission/Vision:


Abraham Lincoln is a large, comprehensive, urban high school whose goal is to provide an outstanding college preparatory education for every student.


Every course offered is aligned with district graduation requirements and University of California entrance standards.


Along with a rigorous academic curriculum, Lincoln's strength is based upon teacher leadership and in the many academic, athletic and extracurricular programs that allow students to pursue their own interests in a nurturing environment.


The educational program is enhanced by Student Support Services and a full service after school program.


Lincoln is guided by the essential question, "How do we, as a school community, address the needs of our students in a way that leads to human and community flourishing?



Core Community Values (ABE):



  • Be on time and be prepared.
  • Be focused and participate.
  • Seek support from classmates, teachers, counselors, and afterschool programs.
  • Complete work on time.
  • Check Student Portal regularly.
  • Utilize on campus resources to set college and career goals.



  • Get to know your teacher’s name and the names of your classmates.
  • Get off your phone, get into the discussion!
  • Step up!Ask questions, get engaged, participate, push yourself to be an active participant in class.
  • If you are too shy to talk, practice SLANT (sit up, lean it, ask and answer questions, nod your head, track the teacher)
  • Get involved.
  • Greet your classmates, greet your teacher every day.
  • Join a club, team, the after school program, an academy, AVID, drama, band, ACE pathway, Student
  • Government etc.
  • Attend and participate in school events; games, plays, dances, assemblies, etc.



  • Get involved in clubs, sports, academic programs and student activities
  • Make new friends across differences
  • Be respectful of others across differences
  • Don’t eat lunch alone
  • Find and get to know adult advocates
  • Put your device down and engage
  • Check Loop Mail and ww.lincolnhigh.net every day
  • Get to know your counselor
  • Show school spirit
  • Practice tolerance across difference
  • Don’t perpetuate stereotypes
  • Call out systemic racism as you see it
  • Think before you speak
  • Fight for the bullied
  • Take a stand Read the posters in the hallway
  • Just be cool to everybody
  • Speak your truth
  • Be yourself, don’t be phony



The ALHS Instructional Core

(Relationships – Clear Objectives and Procedures - Student Voice):




Relationships are at the core of student achievement at

Lincoln. Students and staff value authentic relationships above all aspects of the educational environment.


Students are more actively engaged in classes when they have positive relationships with their teachers. Once a relationship has been built, it is a resource in times of crisis.


We have an equity mission at Lincoln to constantly examine issues of personal identity, race, poverty, disability, English proficiency, and sexuality, and how these issues play out in our institution.


Clear Policies and Procedures


Best practices at Lincoln include creating clear objectives and classroom procedures that allow students to access grade level/content area rigor.


Assessments are a reflection of Objectives.


Student Voice


At ALHS our goal is for teachers and students to be partners in learning; student voice is vital in classrooms where teacher and students are partners in learning and discovery.


Students and teachers are engaged in what is happening in the classroom. They are actively communicating, engaging in academic conversations between students and teacher and students and students.


Lincoln High School's Schoolwide Learning Outcomes (SLO’s)


Community Participants who:

  • Value inclusion and diversity
  • Actively participate in their diverse community

Self Directed Individuals who:

  • Make progress in achieving educational, career, technical and personal goals as well as plan for the future.

Technology Users who:

  • Use technology effectively and responsibly.
  • Evaluate the authenticity and reliability of information.


Critical and Creative Thinkers who:

  • Employ higher level thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, imagination, application, and evaluation to become effective problem solvers in a diverse society.

Joyful Academic Achievers who:

  • Meet or exceed Common Core State Standards and SFUSD graduation requirements.
  • Have a high level of academic integrity and become lifelong learners.


Healthy Individuals who:

  • Practice socially responsible behaviors and promote the physical, mental, and emotional health and safety of themselves and others.

Effective Communicators who:

  • Speak, read, write, listen and thrive in interpersonal relationships, academic pursuits, and the arts.

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