SF School Board adopts College and Career Pathway Agreement so high school students can take more City College courses

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SF School Board adopts College and Career Pathway Agreement so high school students can take more City College courses

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October 26, 2016 (San Francisco) - To provide more opportunities for SFUSD high school students, the San Francisco Board of Education is charting new territory with the City College of San Francisco (CCSF).

The SFUSD College and Career Access Pathway Partnership Agreement (CCAP) opens up access to City College classes at high school campuses to more students.

"This new partnership between CCSF and SFUSD greatly expands options for our students to pursue course opportunities in high skilled 21st century careers,” said SF School Board President Matt Haney. “We hope to see a huge increase in the number of high school students taking city college classes, often on site at their school, putting on them on track for success at the post-secondary level and beyond."

New on-campus classes will be offered beginning in the 2017 spring semester.  During the pilot, approximately 220 high school students at five high schools will be enrolled in CCSF courses through the CCAP.  Students will earn a “bump” in their GPA similar to the benefits of taking an Advanced Placement course and earn college credits while in high school.

“Access to early college experiences open the door for students to begin taking college classes and to be better poised for post-secondary success,” said Interim Superintendent Myong Leigh. “Exposure to college courses and gaining credit toward a college degree while still in high school  is one more way we aim to support our students as they transition from high school to college.”

CCAP is the newest of several models that SFUSD employs to provide dual enrollment opportunities to a broader group of high school students. SFUSD students have several ways to access City College courses, such as afterschool, Saturday or summer courses at CCSF, as well as early release for seniors. Last year 712 SFUSD students participated in CCSF college classes, and 486 students took CCSF classes in the 2014 -2015 school year.

"This new offering will provide SFUSD students their first experience of college coursework on their home campus without the detours of transportation and scheduling issues. This is also an extension of our college and career pathways, which bridge high school and post-secondary in a seamless student experience," said Stephen Koffman, Executive Director of College and Career Readiness, who oversees the agreement.

Further details about CCAP

Financial ramifications: Tuition is waived for high school students. The only projected cost to SFUSD will be for textbooks loaned to students. CCSF will collect apportionment for high school students enrolled in the class. SFUSD will collect full Average Daily Attendance (ADA) for each participating high school student, as the CCSF course is in addition to the minimum 240 minutes of instructional time required.

Staffing: CCSF will provide the instructor for CCAP courses. The possibility is open for SFUSD teachers becoming adjunct CCSF faculty, paid by CCSF to teach the courses. If the course is taught by SFUSD teachers as adjunct CCSF faculty, it must be in addition to their regular teaching load. The agreement also stipulates that CCSF courses cannot supplant SFUSD courses or displace SFUSD teachers.


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