RAVE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Recognizing All Valuable Employees (RAVE) Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit a RAVE nomination?

  • Anyone, including students, parents, fellow employees, and members of the general public, can nominate an SFUSD employee or team for a RAVE Award.  Do you see someone going above and beyond who exemplifies one or more of our core values? If so, RAVE about them by submitting a RAVE nomination.

Can I nominate any SFUSD employee?

  • Yes, all SFUSD employees all eligible to be nominated for a RAVE. You cannot nominate yourself and whole school teams are not eligible.

Are “RAVE nominations” and “RAVE Awards” different?

  • Yes.  RAVE nominations are submitted by the general public or any member of the SFUSD community in recognition of any SFUSD employee.  The names of approved nominees are posted on the website, along with a brief excerpt from their nomination. Nominated employees are notified, though nominator names are not typically shared.

  • RAVE Award winners are selected from the pool of RAVE nominations by a district committee.  Winners are honored in front of the Board of Education and Superintendent.

What are the different types of RAVE Awards?

  • RAVE Awards are presented in two categories:

    • The Distinguished Service Award is for teams or for individual employees who have served SFUSD for ten or more years.

    • The Special Service Award is for individual employees who have served SFUSD for less than ten years.

How many people can win a RAVE Award?

  • Up to 16 (sixteen) individuals or teams may be selected each school year to receive an award. Typically, one Distinguished Service Award and one Special Service Award are presented at the second Board Meeting of the month in the months of January, February, March, April, May, August, September and October.

How often can an employee win a RAVE Award?

  • Each employee or team may win a RAVE Award only once. An employee or team may receive unlimited RAVE nominations, though the nominated employee will only have his or her name posted on the website one time in any given calendar year.

Why does my nomination not show up on the website? 

  • RAVE nominations must be approved and are updated periodically. An employee who receives multiple nominations will have his or her nominations combined into one entry with a notation indicating that multiple nominations were received.

I can’t submit my RAVE nomination. 

  • If you are having technical issues, please contact the SFUSD Communications team at newsline@sfusd.edu


This page was last updated on March 5, 2021