Ten Big Shifts

Ten Big Shifts

Here are ten big shifts we want to see between now and 2025
  1. Graduate Profile The SFUSD Graduate Profile will define the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and behaviors we expect our graduates to possess so they are prepared to thrive in life and career.

  2. Personalized Pathways All students will have personalized learning and development pathways.

  3. Re-Imagined Space and Time We will re-imagine the school day, keeping learning standards constant while we explore new ways to use space and time.

  4. Motivation and Mastery We will embrace engaging new ways to demonstrate mastery while motivating and inspiring ever-greater levels of learning.

  5. Real-Life Tasks We will integrate rich and meaningful real-life tasks into all levels of the curriculum.

  6. Cultural Competence and Multilingualism Students will be globally aware, multilingual and culturally competent, and fluent in a range of "second languages" including sign language and computer coding. Our graduates will see diversity in its many forms as an asset.

  7. Blended Learning All our schools will be equipped with technologies that support blended learning and increase personalization.

  8. Talent and Collaboration We will attract and grow top talent to fuel our students' success and to embody a culture of boundless aspiration, innovation and collaboration.

  9. Innovative System SFUSD will be a center of innovation and a leader in creating an engaging new learning ecosystem in the Bay Area—and beyond.

  10. Aligned Investments Funding and other forms of investment from public, private and philanthropic sources will be more tightly aligned to our vision.

This page was last updated on March 5, 2021