SF Board of Education Passes Resolution in Support of Equity Studies

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SF Board of Education Passes Resolution in Support of Equity Studies

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The San Francisco Board of Education unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday night in support of implementing humanizing learning experiences for all San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) students.

The resolution, co-authored by Commissioners Alison M. Collins and Jenny Lam, calls for all content areas in each subject to integrate Dr. Patrick Camangian’s framework of humanization, which includes knowledge and love of self, solidarity between communities and with the most marginalized, and self-determination in claiming an intellectual identity.

“I was inspired by so much of the work happening in the district but there didn’t seem to be a clear infrastructure for making sure it was happening at all schools for all children,” Commissioner Collins said. “As a board we as adults have to make sure students and families don’t have to advocate for their visibility in schools.”

“As the daughter of immigrants, and the first in my family to go to college, this is very personal to me,” Commissioner Lam said. “I didn't have access to this important curriculum until college. It opened me up not only to my history but to equity issues in society. Our resolution puts this vital part of 21st century education right in front of our SFUSD students for their entire duration with us at SFUSD.”

Per the resolution, an Equity Studies Team will be established and comprised with curriculum leaders in all subjects, and an Equity Studies Community Task Force will monitor the work of the Equity Studies Team.

SFUSD has been a leader in equity studies for decades, and social justice is one of the core values of SFUSD as outlined in Vision 2025. Numerous San Francisco Board of Education policies adopted over the years specifically honor and support various efforts to ensure all students are seen and heard in their coursework, and that each student’s heritage is celebrated.  

One such example is the Board resolution in support of Ethnic Studies in 2008-09. Starting in five high schools in 2010, the Ethnic Studies course has since expanded to reach all SFUSD high schools since the 2015-16 school year.

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