Willie L. Brown Jr. Middle School

Willie L. Brown Jr. Middle School

Willie L. Brown Jr. Middle School
Southeast  Façade of Willie L. Brown Jr. Middle School

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At Willie L. Brown Jr. Middle School, students learn to use project-based STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) practices to develop the foundational skills and beliefs needed to successfully major in STEM degrees and pursue STEM careers. Students use technology as a tool to explore their identities, expand their possibilities, and be of service to others.

General Information

Project Details


WRNS Studio

General Contractor: C. Overaa & Co.
Construction Manager: Swinerton Management and Consulting
Bid Amount (Hard Cost): $44,600,000
Change Order Amount: $5,921,513   (13.28% of bid amount)
Final Contract Amount: $50,521,513

Project Description

Willie L. Brown, Jr. Middle School (WBMS) is a brand new public middle school in the historic Bayview Community of San Francisco. The new middle school facility is intended to provide all the needs and functions for a 21st Century middle school, with a focus on the sciences. The school will have a student population of 650 students in grades 6 thru 8 and serve the surrounding Silver Terrace neighborhood and will also include several City-wide District functions.

The project consists of a complex of buildings, up to three stories high, and include a surface parking lot, landscape/hardscape and miscellaneous street and site improvements. New construction consisted of 88,500 SF of space within two new structures. This includes:

  • A new 60,800 GSF, three-story building containing classrooms, administration, wellness center, multi-purpose room, library, kitchen, and associated support spaces and facilities.
  • A new 28,200 GSF, two-story building houses additional classrooms, performing arts space, gymnasium, locker rooms, computer lab, Health Center and associated support spaces. 
  • New playgrounds, garden/outdoor teaching areas, staff parking and miscellaneous site improvements.

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