Monroe Elementary School

Monroe Elementary School

Monroe Elementary School
Front Entrance of Monroe Elementary School

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Monroe is a diverse school located in the Excelsior district that hosts three language programs serving children from many linguistic backgrounds around the city. We offer an English Language Development, a Chinese Bilingual, and a Spanish Immersion program. At Monroe, making social justice a reality means that Monroe is a safe place where students, parents, and teachers are engaged in open, honest discussions about the academic progress and the emotional well-being of our students, as well as our shared vision of success for Monroe's students.

General Information

Project Details


SIM Architects, Inc.

General Contractor: Gonsalves & Stronck Construction Company
Construction Manager: Swinerton Management and Consulting
Bid Amount (Hard Cost): $6,544,000
Change Order Amount: $814,736 (12.45% of bid amount)
Final Contract Amount: $7,358,736

Project Description

Extensive modernization and voluntary partial seismic strengthening includes but not limited to:

  • Provide accessible restrooms
  • Remodel all classrooms. Provide new casework
  • Provide new kitchen
  • Modernize and expand multipurpose room and library
  • Structural modifications and footing upgrades
  • Fire sprinkler & fire alarm systems
  • Hazmat abatement
  • New fence & gates
  • Replace play structure safety mats
  • ADA ramps & door landings
  • Demolish existing portable classroom & toilet buildings 

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