Technology Purchasing

Technology Purchasing

Getting Started

First time making a purchase? Here's the process according to SFUSD standards.

  • Click here to see SFUSD’s Purchasing Procedures Manual. 

  • Desktops, laptops, and Chromebooks may only be purchased through Arey Jones or Apple- see the contacts section below.

Is this a Direct Purchase or a Purchase Order?

See page 6 of SFUSD's Purchasing Manual for details.

Direct Purchase:

The purchase of supplies, and materials under $1,500 or less including handling and sales tax, with the exception of furniture, fixtures, audio visual, computers, and equipment. See page 26 for details.

Purchase Orders:

The purchase of equipment, supplies, and materials in excess of $1,500, in addition to furniture, fixtures, audio visual, computers and equipment under $1,500. See pages 7-9 for details. 

Direct Purchases

Step 1: Schools and departments place orders directly with the vendor.

Step 2: Collect necessary packing slips and paperwork upon delivery.

Step 3: Process payment through GoFast

Purchase Orders

Step 1: School  or department contact a vendor and receive a quote for the desired  supplies or materials.

Step 2: Submit a Requisition for Purchase Order on the GoFast system. See page 9 for instructions.

Step 3: Wait for the Requisition for Purchase Order to be approved by the Purchasing Department. They will issue a Purchase Order to the vendor and a copy to the requesting site.

Step 4: Collect necessary packing slips and paperwork upon delivery.

Step 5: Process payment through GoFast.

Vendor Contacts

The following our a list of commonly requested vendor contacts as well as internal SFUSD resources for technology recommendations. 

Windows computers, ChromeBooks, Carts, and MonitorsArey JonesJenny Suhl,
TVs, Projectors, Cables, adapters, printers, Adobe licensing and other technology peripheralsCDW-GAustin Romero,
Basic classroom materials and printing suppliesOfficeDepot.comChip Congdon,
Apple Devices, Apple Bundle Price List AppleRichard Zawatsky,
DoT Resource for Technology Purchasing RecommendationsSFUSD

Dave Pankenier,

NOTE: Any devices that are expected to connect to SFUSD Wireless networks must be purchased through approved SFUSD vendors.  Any devices purchased outside these channels may not be supported by the Department of Technology. 

For assistance or recommendations for hardware purchases, please email

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