Covid Recovery Services FAQ

Special Education Covid Recovery Services(CRS) Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Last updated: [October 18, 2021]

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What are Covid Recovery Services?

  • Special Education Covid Recovery Services address potential learning loss due to the impact of the pandemic. 
  • Covid Recovery Services are an additional service, which is not part of a student’s IEP, designed to address the impact of Covid-19 related disruptions on a student’s educational needs.
  • Covid Recovery Services focus on providing intensive reading, writing and math instruction, and ensuring progress on IEP goals.

When will COVID Recovery Services be offered?

CRS will be offered in six week sessions either virtually or in-person, as follows:

Session 1: 

In Person Learning: Saturdays School Program (9AM to 12 Noon):

  • October 23 2021
  • October 30 2021
  • November 6 2021
  • November 13 2021 (Thanksgiving break no CRS Nov 20 - Nov 27th)
  • December 4 2021
  • December 11 2021

Online Learning:  4 - 5PM Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. (times will vary according to school bell schedules.)

  1. October 26,27,28
  2. November 2,3,4
  3. November 9,10. (no school November 11 Veterans day)
  4. November 16,17,18 (Thanksgiving break no CRS Nov 20 - Nov 27th)
  5. November 30, December 1,2
  6. Dec 7,8,9

Session 2: 

In Person Learning Saturday School Program (9am to 12 Noon)

  1. January 15 (No Saturday School January 29 Lunar New Year Holiday.) 
  2. January 22
  3. February 5
  4. February 12 (No Saturday School February 19 Presidents day weekend)
  5. February 26
  6. March 5

Online Learning:  4 - 5PM Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. (times will vary according to school bell schedules.)

  1. January 11,12,13
  2. January 18,19,20
  3. February 2 and 3 (Lunar New year Holiday Feb 1)
  4. February 8,9 and 10 ((No CRS week of Feb 21-Presidents day Holiday weekend)
  5. February 22,23,24.
  6. March 1,2,3

Session 3: 

In Person Learning: Saturday School Program (9am to 12 Noon)

  1. April 9
  2. April 16
  3. April 23
  4. April 30
  5. May 7
  6. May 14

Online Learning:  4 - 5PM Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. (times will vary according to school bell schedules.)

  1. April 5,6,7
  2. April 12,13,14
  3. April 19.20,21
  4. April 26,27,28
  5. May 3,4,5
  6. May 10,11,12


  • In-person sessions are for three hours on Saturday’s at 9AM to 12 noon.
  • Virtual sessions are from 4:00-5:00 p.m., unless alternate arrangements are made.

Where will In Person Covid Recovery Services be Provided?

Elementary School Sites: Clarendon, Sanchez

Middle School Site: Everett

High School Site: Balboa

Who is eligible for COVID Recovery Services?

  • Students currently in K-12th+ grade with IEPs who have learning loss due to the impact of school closures and distance learning during the 2020-21 school year.

What are the criteria for deciding if a student qualifies for COVID Recovery Services?

  • Impact of in-person school closure in Spring 2020
  • Skill loss (if any) due to distance learning
  • Progress in the general education curriculum
  • Ability to access distance learning due to disability (attendance)
  • Progress on IEP goals including academic, behavioral and social/emotional needs


Who makes the eligibility determination?

  • Each IEP team makes an individualized determination on whether the student needs Covid Recovery Services either through the IEP process and/or mutual agreement between parents and school staff. 
  • In some instances, SFUSD is proactively offering Covid Recovery Services to students.
  • Case Managers will send a Prior Written Notice (PWN) to families of students who qualify for Covid Recovery Services. Families will be asked to accept/decline by a specific date by either returning the PWN, using the link or scanning the QR code in the PWN.

Can my child attend multiple CRS sessions?

  • If a child’s IEP team determines that a student requires multiple CRS sessions, then the student may attend multiple sessions, subject to availability.

Must my child attend CRS if the District offers it?

  • CRS are voluntary, and Parents may choose to accept/reject the offer.

Is there a deadline to accept/reject the Covid Recovery Services offer?

  • Yes, Session 1 deadline to accept is: October 1st, 2021.

  • If a parent does not accept/reject by this deadline, then the student cannot attend. The reason for this hard deadline is SFUSD must plan and be able to ensure sufficient staffing.

Are CRS staff certified?


  • ​​​​​​​CRS teachers will be credentialed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to teach the subject areas for which they are providing instruction.

What curriculum will staff follow?

  • Staff will work on IEP goals, while using a multi-sensory reading program (SPIRE or Wilson), the math core curriculum and social/emotional learning skills.


How many students per class?

  • CRS classes will have a small student/staff ratio of approximately a 6:1 ratio, depending on the student needs. Classes have about 12 students.


Will students have homework?

  • No, students will not be assigned homework from CRS teachers.



Will students be graded?

  • At the end of each session, students will receive a CRS Progress Report.

Is transportation provided for in-person instruction?


  • Yes, if a student has transportation as a related service, then the student will be provided transportation for CRS.


Are Intensive Individual Services provided?

If a child requires Intensive Individual Services (IIS) when s/he is receiving specialized academic instruction in a small setting, then IIS will be provided.