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Notice of Public Hearing: SELPA Local Plan -  Special Education Budget and Annual Service Plan

The final public hearing for the San Francisco Unified School District SELPA Annual Budget Plan and Annual Service Plan will be held during the SFUSD Board of Education meeting scheduled for June 14, 2022 at 5pm.

TOPIC OF HEARING: Final review and adoption of the SELPA Annual Budget and Service Plans for the 2022-23 school year. Local Plan Presentation

Note: Each SELPA local plan requires that a Budget and Service Plan be submitted annually. The Annual Budget and Service Plans for the 2022-23 school year are due to the CDE on or before June 30, 2022. This public hearing enables SFUSD SELPA to comply with that instruction. The 2022-23 SFUSD Local Plan documents are posted on this padlet.

Irving G. Breyer Board Meeting Room
555 Franklin Street, First Floor
San Francisco, California 94102

Meeting Start Time: 5:00 p.m.

1. Regular meetings of the Board are held IN PERSON with an option for the public to observe the meeting virtually. For information on virtual attendance and participation, see General Information Items in the Agenda.

2. Beginning May 8th, 2022, in alignment with City guidelines and current District protocols, masks are recommended, but not required for public hearing rooms. Although it is not required, we recommend that anyone attending a public meeting in an SFUSD facility wear a mask regardless of vaccination status.

Please see General Information Items in the Agenda for information regarding ADA accommodations, translation and interpretation.

What is a Special Education Local Plan Area?

"In 1977, all California school districts and county school offices were mandated to form consortiums in geographical regions of sufficient size and scope to provide for all special education service needs of children residing within the region boundaries. Each region, Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA), developed a local plan describing how it would provide special education services. San Francisco Unified School District is it's own single district SELPA.

SELPAs are dedicated to the belief that all students can learn and that special needs students must be guaranteed equal opportunity to become contributing members of society. SELPAs facilitate high quality educational programs and services for special needs students and training for parents and educators. The SELPA collaborates with county agencies and school districts to develop and maintain healthy and enriching environments in which special needs students and families can live and succeed."

You can read more about SELPA's on the CDE Website.

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