How to Contact Special Education

Contact Special Education

Have a Special Education Question? Contact the departments below:

You can also call the Special Education Services Office at (415) 759-2222 or fill out this form and we will get back to you.

For more information, visit the Special Education Website or view the Special Education Contact List

Special Education Services Office
3045 Santiago St. 
San Francisco, CA 94116
Phone: 415-759-2222


WHO’s WHO in SFUSD Special Education Services

Head of Special Education Services and SELPA Director Jean Robertson 

Executive Director, Special Education Fiscal Services & Operations - Simone Green 

Executive Director, Cohort Schools K-12+ Jenny Jimenez-Payne 

Hoover • James Denman • James Lick • Francisco

Director, County Programs, Early Education and Related ServicesOpen 

Director, ComplianceMargaret Farruggio  

Ombudsperson, Family/Community Engagement Julia Martin Schedule a Meeting Today

Psychologist Supervisor for Middle, High and County SchoolsScott Ostendorf  

Psychologist Supervisor for PreK-8Cynthia Ortiz-Front  

Related Services Supervisor Princess Tucker 

Deaf Hard Hearing/Home Hospital Instruction/Tier 3 Literacy SupervisorJennifer Herges

Early Childhood/PreK Supervisor Moira Zacharakis
Argonne EES Bryant • Cobb • Commodore Stockton EES J Serra Annex EES Jefferson EES John McLaren EES • Jose Ortega •  Leola Havard EES McCoppin • Moscone/Las Americas • Noriega EES Paul Revere • Presidio EES Sheridan • Theresa Mahler EES Tule Elk Park EES San Miguel EES Zaida Rodriguez EES

Elementary School Supervisor (Learning Center/RSP) Nicole (Kee) Fricke-Pothier
Alice Fong Yu • Bret Harte • Bessie Carmichael • Claire Lilienthal • Commodore Sloat • Carver • Chinese Immersion • Cleveland • Drew • Edwin & Anita Lee • Gordon J. Lau • Guadalupe  • Harvey Milk • John Muir 
• John Yehall Chin • Junipero Serra • John Muir • Malcolm X • Marshall • McKinley • Mission Education Center • Monroe • New Traditions • Jean Parker • Redding • Rooftop • SF Community • SF Montessori • Spring Valley • Sutro • Ulloa • Visitacion Valley • Webster • West Portal

Elementary School Supervisor (Autism Focused & SOAR)Margaret Michels   
AlamoAlvarado • Argonne Buena Vista Horace Mann • Clarendon • El Dorado ER Taylor Feinstein Flynn Francis Scott Key • Garfield • Glen Park  Grattan  Hillcrest • Huerta • Jefferson Lakeshore Paul Revere • Lawton • Longfellow  Miraloma • Peabody • Rosa Parks/Raphael Weill Sanchez • Sherman • Spring Valley Stevenson  Sunnyside • Sunset Starr King Tenderloin Yick Wo

Elementary DHH Supervisor, Jenny Herges
Cesar Chavez • Lafayette 

Interim Elementary Supervisor: Moira Zacharakis
Bryant, Cobb, McCoppin, Moscone/Las Americas, J. Ortega, Paul Revere, Sheridan

Middle Schools, Interim Supervisor Jenny Jimenez Payne
AP Giannini, Aptos, Everett, Francisco, Hoover, James 
Denman, James Lick, Martin Luther King, Marina, Presidio, Roosevelt, Vis Valley, Willie Brown, *Gateway Middle School

Middle Schools, Interim Soar Support: Cathy Sherman
Hoover, James Denman, James Lick, Francisco

High Schools Supervisor - Matt Lavoie

Non Public Schools (NPS) Supervisor - Chad Schimke

Private/Parochial Program Administrator - Michelle Bizeau  

Transition Program Administrator - Kara Schinella 

Behavior Analysts and SOAR Program Administrator - Cathy Sherman

Alternative Dispute Resolution Program Administrator - Adriana Aro

Special Education Ombudsperson

Contact the Ombudsperson: 

Middle aged caucasian woman with long brown hair with a slight smile, wearing a blue and white blouse and a gold locket.

Julia Martin
Special Education Ombudsperson
555 Franklin St
Cell Phone: 415-319-4811
Click here to make an appointment

What is an Ombudsperson?

The word Ombudsman comes from a Swedish word that means “trusted representative.” The word has come to mean someone who assists consumers or citizens who are experiencing problems with corporations or government organizations. Our office is a member of the US Ombudsman Association and the International Ombudsman Association.

What Does the SFUSD Special Education Ombudsperson Do?

The SFUSD Special Education Ombudsperson is the family, community and staff liaison for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).  The Ombudsperson's office can: 

  • Assist parents and guardians in navigating Special Education Services when they have concerns about their chid's special education services.
  • Provides an independent, confidential resource for students, families, employees, and community members, offering informal help to resolve concerns, problems, complaints, and other special education related issues.
  • Promote inclusion of all students, especially those with disabilities during Inclusive Schools Week. 
  • Provide training to SFUSD and San Francisco community stakeholders, such as Navigating Special Education Services, IEP 101, Engaging and Empowering SFUSD Families, Effective Communication between Special Education Families and Educators, and other issues related to special education services and families.   
  • Address the need for educational surrogate assignment (the Ombudsperson is the educational surrogate coordinator for the district, which matches students in need of representation with volunteers to help advocate for their educational needs.)

Ombudsperson support is impartial, confidential and free of charge to all SFUSD families and staff and often leads to resolutions before legal action is needed.  If needed, translation/interpretation can be provided.

The vision of the Office of Ombudsperson is to ensure children with disabilities receive all services and supports needed to benefit from public education by fostering an environment where collaboration and cooperation exist between parents, staff and administration.

How to Request Support:

Families and staff can contact the ombudsperson via email at or via phone at 415-319-4811. Drop in office hours are available at 555 Franklin Street Monday - Thursday from 3-5pm. Click here to make an appointment.

This page was last updated on May 17, 2023