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Locations of Specialized Classrooms

Note: This list is subject to change. Please check with the Educational Placement Center for the latest information before completing your application.

Use the list below to see locations of all Specialized classrooms in SFUSD (Autism Focused, SOAR, etc.)

Please note you can also find this information on SFUSD's School Finder.

As of 6/21/2022

Integrated PreK

Argonne EES, Bessie Carmichael PK-8, Dr. William Cobb PK-5, Jefferson EES, John McLaren EES, Leola Havard EES, Malcolm X PK-5, San Miguel EES, Theresa Mahler EES, Tule Elk Park EES

Special Day Class PreK

Bryant PK-5, Dr. William Cobb PK-5, El Dorado PK-5, Frank McCoppin PK-5, Grattan PK-5, John McLaren EES, John Muir PK-5, Jose Ortega PK-5, Las Americas EES, Leola Havard EES, Paul Revere PK-8, Raphael Weill EES, Sheridan PK-5

Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH)

PreK - Lafayette ES (Auditory/Oral)

PreK - Cesar Chavez ES (Total Communication)

TK to 5 - Cesar Chavez ES (Total Communication), Lafayette ES (Auditory/Oral)

K to 8 - Claire Lilienthal K-8(students spend 100% of the day in general education classes)

6 to 8 - Presidio MS (Auditory/Oral and Total Communication)

9 to 12 - The Academy @ McAteer HS (Auditory/Oral and Total Communication)

Note: all DHH magnet schools have acoustically modified classrooms.

Learning Centers

K-5 - Bret Harte ES, Garfield ES, Malcolm X and Visitacion Valley Elementary School

Mild/Moderate Special Day Classes

TK - John McLaren EES (TK), R. L. Stevenson ES

K-2 - Buena Vista /Horace Mann, Clarendon ES, George Peabody ES, Hillcrest ES, Longfellow ES, Paul Revere ES, R. L. Stevenson ES, Sanchez ES, Spring Valley ES (K-2 only)

3-5 - Buena Vista /Horace Mann, Clarendon ES, George Peabody ES, Hillcrest ES. Longfellow ES, Paul Revere ES, R. L. Stevenson ES, Rosa Parks ES (4-5 only)

6-8 - A.P. Giannini MS, Aptos MS, Everett MS, Francisco MS, Hoover MS, James Denman M.S., James Lick MS, Marina MS, MLK MS, Presidio MS, Roosevelt MS, Visitacion Valley MS

9-12 - Lincoln HS, Balboa HS, Burton HS, Downtown HS, Galileo HS, George Washington H.S., Ida B. Wells HS, June Jordan HS, Lowell HS, Marshall HS, Mission HS, O'Connell HS, Raul Wallenberg HS, Ruth Asawa SOTA HS, The Academy HS

Mild/Moderate Autism Focus Special Day Classes

TK-1 - Rosa Parks ES

K-2 - El Dorado ES,  McKinley ES

2-3 - Rosa Parks

K-5 - Argonne ES, E.R. Taylor ES, Garfield ES, Jefferson ES, Lakeshore ES, Miraloma ES, Sherman ES

6-8 - A.P. Giannini MS, Everett MS, James Denman MS, Marina MS, Presidio MS, Roosevelt MS

9-12 Lincoln HS, Lowell HS

Moderate/Severe Special Day Classes

TK - Tule Elk Park EES

K-5 - Alvarado E.S., Dolores Huerta E.S, Francis Scott Key E.S., Lawton Alternative School, Sunnyside E.S.

6-8 - A.P. Giannini MS, Everett MS, James Denman MS, Lawton Alternative School, Presidio MS

9-12 - Lincoln H.S., Balboa HS, Burton HS, Galileo HS, Washington HS, Lowell HS, Mission HS

Moderate/Severe Special Day Class with Autism Focus

K-5 Alamo E.S., Glen Park E.S., Grattan E.S., Starr King E.S., Sunset E.S., Yick Wo Alternative E.S

6-8 A.P. Giannini MS, Aptos MS, Francisco MS, Roosevelt MS

9-12 Lincoln HS, Lowell HS, Mission HS

Social-Emotional/Behavioral Enhanced Classroom (SOAR Program)

K-5 Dianne Feinstein ES, Leonard Flynn ES, Tenderloin School

6-8 Francisco MS, Herbert Hoover MS, James Denman MS, James Lick MS 

9-12 Lincoln HS, Galileo HS, Washington HS, Marshall HS, Mission HS

ACCESS/Adult Transition Services

AccessSFUSD: The Arc, Access: Bay Street, Balboa, Burton HS, Galileo, Lowell, Marshall, Mission, O'Connell, Project Search at Kaiser, Wallenberg, SF International

For more information watch this video for AccessSFUSD: The Arc:

SFUSD High School Course Matrix 2023-2024

The SFUSD High School Course Matrix 2023-24 identifies individual course offerings at each high school as well as special education programming, Career and Technical Education Pathways, and Newcomer Pathways.




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Special Education placement counselors at the Educational Placement Center are available to assist with enrollment. Call 415-241-6085 to speak with our team. 

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