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Advocacy Opportunity!

California State Board of Education is seeking six applicants for the advisory commission on special education. Preference will be given to applicants who are representatives of charter schools and parents of students with disabilities. The deadline for submitting the application and all required documents is 5:00 p.m on Friday, February 3, 2023.

Apply Here

Fri Jan 20 @ 12:00-1:00pm: La Ley Lanterman: Comprender y acceder a los servicios para su familia (Spanish Only)

(Apoyo a las familias)

En este taller, exploraremos los servicios del centro regional, con especial atención a la Ley Lanterman. Discutiremos la historia de esta innovadora legislación, así como los procesos, apoyos y servicios potencialmente disponibles en el centro regional, después del tercer cumpleaños del niño. 

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Fri Jan 20 @ 12:00-1:00pm: 蘭特曼法案:了解和獲得適合您家人的服務 (Cantonese only)


在本次研討會中,我們將探索區域中心服務,特別關注蘭特曼法案 。 我們將討論這項開創性立法的歷史,以及區域中心在兒童三歲生 日之後可能提供的流程、支持和服務。 


Mon Jan 23 @ 10-11:30am: Educación Especial: Información Básica y Esencial - DREDF

Educación Especial: Información Básica y Esencial

10:00 am – 11:30 am
January 23, 2023

23 de enero, 2023

Una descripción general del proceso de educación especial, la Ley de Rehabilitación sección 504 y la Ley de Educación para Personas con Discapacidades (IDEA – por sus siglas en ingles)

Debe registrarse con anticipación para esta capacitación:

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Mon Jan 23 @ 6:30-7:30pm: Protecting Youth with Special Needs from Bullying & Abuse

Presented by Kidpower via Support for Families (in English with Cantonese interpretation available)

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In this adults-only online workshop, learn how to help young people with special needs be safe from bullying, abuse, and other harm.

We’ll practice ways parents & caregivers can teach young people of all abilities how to:

– Protect themselves from bullying
– Set and respect boundaries
– Move away from trouble before it grows
– Protect themselves from teasing and harassment
– Get help from adults – and persist until they get it

We’ll show how to adapt skills based on kids’ needs and abilities – and how to use the skills yourself in order to protect your child!


Thu Jan 26 @ 6:30-8pm: Special Education for Families of Color featuring Dr. Mary Bacon

Presented by the CAC

This month's presentation is on how parents and educators can advocate for students with a cultural lens perspective. Our presenter this month is Dr. Mary Bacon PhD. who has extensive experience addressing disproportionality, equity, and culturally responsive services. As a parent and as a special education administrator she brings a unique perspective to this work.

Please register for this meeting in advance:

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  • If you would like to attend in-person, please see more detailed information and register here.


Wed Feb 1 @ 7-8:30pm: Dyslexic Design Thinking, When Neurodivergence & Creativity Meet

Presented by REEL (Resilience & Engagement for Every Learner)


Dyslexia affects as many as 1 in 5 people. Most people view it exclusively as a challenge with reading and writing - what they don’t realize is that dyslexic brains have many gifts and strengths! Join us to hear about Dyslexic Design Thinking, as Gil Gershoni shares how dyslexia offers a heightened advantage, what he calls his “hyper-ability.”

Learn how parents can find the hyper-ability in their child’s differences and foster these unique strengths to boost self-esteem, school/career pathways, and finding their place in the world. In the words of our speaker, we’ll talk about how we can “suspend the limiting connotations of a learning disability, so that neurodivergent people can recognize the liberating truth in front of their faces: that each human mind contains the potential for a hyper-ability just waiting to be discovered.”

Thu Feb 2 @ 5:30pm: Special Education Forum from State Council of Developmental Disabilities

The State Council of Developmental Disabilities will hold an open forum on the opportunity for growth within the special education system. 

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Sat Feb 11 @ 11am-2pm: Summer Resource Fair

Visit the Therapeutic Recreation table at the Summer Resource Fair on Saturday, 2/11 from 11am-2pm at the County Fair Building (1199 9th Ave).

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Disability and Special Education in the News

Check out this round up of articles about the disability experience and special education. Looking for more news? Check out the Support for Families Blog or the University of Washington's Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology (DO-IT) Disability in the News webpage for even more articles.

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