High School English/Language Arts


Our Mission

In SFUSD all English/Language Arts classrooms provide high quality instruction for all our students in alignment with our SFUSD E/LA PK-12 Core Curriculum with embedded Common Core State Standards for Literacy. In addition, we believe that all our students must receive rich literacy experiences every year in every setting with every teacher, not merely in some years in some settings with some teachers.

Our Beliefs

The principles for the SFUSD E/LA PK-12 Core Curriculum are informed by the operating beliefs used in defining the role of central office which include the following:

  • Students are at the center of all our work
  • We will differentiate our service to schools in order to achieve the non-negotiable student outcomes at all schools
  • Adopt and adapt – we will roll things out, they will not be perfect, and we will make changes based on feedback from the field
  • We will be transparent about our expectations and commitments
  • We will focus on building people’s knowledge and skills and on recognizing internal assets
  • We will model our values of equity and access and these principles in every action we take, i.e., how we allocate resources and how we make decisions
  • We will do whatever it takes to “walk the talk” of our Strategic Plan

This page was last updated on August 6, 2021