Contact Information for Employee FAQs

Contact Info for Employee FAQs

Service Department Email Phone Number Web Info Contact for help with
Accounting Business Services (415) 241-6695 Accounting paying bills or vendors
Administrator Staffing Human Resources Submit a request to (415) 241-6101 Administrative Careers opportunities for aspiring administrators
Assessments & Testing Research, Planning & Assessment (415) 241-6400 Achievement Assessments questions about student assessments and data
Benefits Human Resources Submit a request to (415) 241-6101 Benefits & Insurance questions about applying for or changing benefits options
Budget Business Services Contact your Budget Analyst Budget Analyst Assignments Budget Office school or department budget questions (e.g., planning and tracking your resources)
Certificated Staffing Human Resources Submit a request to (415) 241-6101 Join SFUSD - Certificated job opportunities for teachers/ other certificated, including transfer options
Communications Communications (415) 241-6565 Communications & PR flier approvals, media, news & publications, opt-in forms, crisis communications, website
Community Partnerships SFSD (415) 241-6185 Memorandum of Understanding questions about MOUs or community partnerships
Credentials Human Resources Submit a request to (415) 241-6101 Credentialing questions about credentials, transcripts, etc.
Employment Verification Human Resources - managed by Experian

(404) 382-5400

Employment & Income Verification verifying employment or income for loan applications, apartment rentals, etc.
Field Trips/Insurance Risk Management (415) 241-6307 Field Trip Forms & Guidelines questions about field trips, required forms, etc.
Workplace Injuries Human Resources Submit a request to (415) 241-6101 Employee Injuries & Workers Compensation questions about Worker's Compensation, Student Injuries, Accidents/ Insurance, Safety Guides
Payroll Business Services Submit a request to (415) 241-6114 Payroll concerns with your paycheck (e.g., payment of stipends, pay errors, withholding questions) & W-2
Purchasing Business Services   (415) 241-6468 Procurement vendor identification for purchasing supplies (Note: Warehouse now managed by Facilities)
Salary Human Resources Submit a request to (415) 241-6101 HR Salary Unit questions about your wage, transcripts and salary payscale
QTEA-Funded Stipends Human Resources (415) 241-6101 QTEA Stipends & Retention Bonus stipends for teachers in high potential schools and hard to fill subjects
Student Assignment Educational Placement Center (415) 241-6085 EPC Employee Info questions about all aspects of assigning students to schools/ educational programs
Substitutes Human Resources Submit a request to (415) 241-6101 X1221 Active Substitutes logging into substitute system; troubleshooting sub system; other sub issues
Technology Help Desk Technology (415) 241-6476 Technology Tools & Systems - includes Technology Help Desk technology training or purchasing; troubleshooting hardware or software issues; phone issues


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