Loggin Out

Loggin' Out

Caitlyn Luu

Who is your idol and why?

My idol is Rihanna because she has her own makeup line and she gives back to charity.

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Lamiya Cotton
Who is your idol and why?
My idol is my sister because she helps me through everything and I really love her.

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Albert Moore
What’s your sign and why?
I’m a sagittarius and I love how naturally optimistic and open I am.

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JoJo Serrano
What‘s your sign and why?
I’m an aquarius and I’m not really sure how my sign affects me.


By: Krystal Liu

Paper heart - Tori Kelly
Clarity - Zedd,Foxes
Four season - Taeyeon
MIC Drop - BTS (feat Steve Aoki)
Here with me - Marshmello (feat Chvrches)

See you again - Charlie Puth (fear BTS Jungkook)
Close to me - Ellie Goulding/Diplo/Swae Lee
Cradles - Sub Urban
Tuesday - Burak Yater
In the end remix - Linkin Park
Dissolve - Absofacto


By:Congnan Lu

A thief broke into my house yesterday and started searching for cash and valuables.

I excitedly joined him.

Q: What’s the first thing Columbus did when he first stepped foot in the Americas?
A: Took the second step

Lily volunteered to go over Pi in front of her classmates.
“3.1415926535...” Andrew stopped her because he thought she got some digits wrong.
“No I didn’t.” Lily responded sheepishly. “I’m going over
the inverse.”


By:Tiffany Hu

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