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Loggin' Out

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Text by: Ella Fino & Michaela Mselser 

Drawings by: Krystal Liu

Aries - Aries, you’ve been extremely busy lately, so know your limits; don’t be afraid to slow down! You’ll probably become a start up dad; you’re extremely headstrong and methodical!!!

Taurus - “You’re not doing too hot right now! Push through the rest of 2019; you’re almost there!” Don’t be afraid of change; it’s not all bad! Tip: You should probably move to Portland, Oregon

Gemini - You just need to be funny all the time, don’t you? You love to perform for people, but you never know what character you’ll get; it varies by the day. In 2020, try to be more consistent.

Cancer - Oh, Cancer, you’re so independent and in-touch with your emotions; the only issue is, you’re terrible at expressing them. 

P.S., Give Taurus your Mt. Eddy shirt.

Leo - Leo, you probably are worrying about your future career, but it's okay— you’ll probably just become an English teacher with bangs. 

P.S., I know you started saying “bruh” ironically, but now, it’s become a habit. Please stop.

Virgo - Get that stick out of your ass, Virgo! You are so smart, but you often flaunt it; this comes off as annoying to many. In 2020, keep bragging to a minimum! We get it, you’re a genius—but you’re awful at asking about others’ accomplishments.

Libra - Libra, you often seem incredibly reserved at first, then increasingly more fun to hang around. Here’s a little piece of advice: try to be more open-minded and welcoming when meeting new people; your reserved nature sometimes offends others.

Scorpio - Valentine’s Day, am I right? You’re probably doing pretty well in general. Other than the fact that you’re scared to leave your friends behind, you’re staying true to yourself: competitive, confident, passionate, dedicated, sometimes insensitive.

Sagittarius - Sag, I hate to break it to you, but life is not your stage. Not everyone enjoys the theater. Although you’re so focused on what others think of you, you don’t always take the time to take care of yourself.

Capricorn - Hey Capricorn, you’re probably super stressed, but you--like Virgo--need to get that stick out of your ass. You’re incredibly hardworking and detail-oriented, but you need to take time off sometimes.

Aquarius - Aquarius, you’re so busy planning out your life that you’ve sort of disappeared from your friends and family. Try spending some time with your loved ones and some stress will probably go away!

Pisces - You’re a bit clueless and caught up in your head about the new year. Before the year ends, take some time to reflect and collect your thoughts so you can be more present next year.


By: Yuqing Qiu














By: Yuqing Qiu & Andrea Zhang


Diamond - Higher Brothers


Baby - ASTRO

Thinking About You - Frank Ocean

Hey KONG - Key. L

Glow - Corsak

Oasis - EXO

Say My Name - Ateez

Love The Way You Lie - Eminem ft Rihanna

Come Back - Lil Ghost

Don’t Wanna Cry- SEVENTEEN

It’s You - Henry

Fall - Jackson Yee

Miracles In December - EXO

Jopping - Super M

Walk On Water - GEM


By: Andrea Zhang

The one above is answers for the last issue.Rules for sudoku: Each of the nine blocks has to contain all the numbers (one through nine) within its squares. Each number can only appear once in a row, column, or box.


Now, give it a try. The one below is easy! We are going to post the answers on our next issue.



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