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Photos By: Michaela Mesler and Georgia Payne

Seniors, Burke Nguyen and Samantha Hua takes the stage to sing a powerful duet.


Julian Abergas, senior, performs a solo that gets the audience cheering.


Owen Boyle, senior, sings a moving solo to the song “Location” by Khalid


Junior, Bonnie Yu, and sophomore, Kimberly Yang sang a touching duet to “Wondering” from High School Musical: The Series


Produce 12 presents a graceful performance with “Violeta” by IZ*ONE in color coordinating outfits. From back row from left to right: Michelle Li, Jennifer Luu, Sherry Lin, Ruby Okamura, Lisa Wang, Christina Choi, Valerie Cheung, Kalani Young. Front row from left to right: Kimberly Yang, Nicole Chan, Chloe Young, and Marisa Alejandro.


VIVID, a six-member group, performs a medley of popular Korean pop songs. Left to right: Priscilla Chin, Ashley Guan, Lani Lam, Hannah Cheng, Kay-Yea Wong, and Nicole Chan


Jason Tat, a senior, hyped the crowd up with the 2013 hit song, “What does the fox say?” by Ylvis.


Senior, Clayton Au gets the crowd pumping with his bold and energetic performance of “Who Dat Boy” by Tyler the Creator.


Aiden Ng, senior, showcases an incredible solo piano piece titled “Brave Shine” by Aimer.


Drama opened up the talent show with a skit that was a throwback to the 1920s and welcoming the current century’s acts. From left to right: Jason Tat, Tyler Aguallo, Chloe Wong, Johnny Aguilon Dubon, and Philip Wolf.


OGV consists of five members that got the crowd screaming with their performance of “Icy” and “Dalla Dalla” by Itzy. From top left: Ruby Okamura, Ashley Guan, Jackson Tran. Bottom from left to right: Marisa Alejandro and Valerie Cheung.


Kenzie Hurst, junior, sang an original song that she wrote called “Punch”.


Junior, Xander Contreras performed solo to the hip-hop and rap “Plugwalk” by Rich the Kid


Sunkissed concluded the talent show with an explosive performance of a Hip-hop medley with matching hand-painted shirts.



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