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By: Ella Fino and Michaela Mesler


Drawings by Krystal Liu

Aries: Happy birthday Aries! Now is a time for self reflection. You probably feel stuck, trapped in a place where you can’t make any progress. Take this time to focus on improving yourself. Write in a journal or create art to express your feelings in a new outlet. 

Taurus: Taurus, you may be going through a difficult time right now. However this is where your stubbornness comes into play; your ability to persevere is essential and admirable. Keep pushing through and taking care of yourself in the meantime!

Gemini: They don’t say you can’t trust a big booty and a Gemini for nothing. Let’s be real, you’ve been a player lately. You’ve lost yourself in trying to please others by changing your personality. Just be yourself, with all your two-faced glory.

Cancer: Listen, you’re the little brother of the zodiac and that’s just the reality of things. That being said, you’ve been extremely annoying lately and you need to dial it back, especially to your big sister fire signs. 

Virgo: Here’s the thing Virgo, you’ve shown a lot of growth these past few months, but you sometimes come off insincere, which confuses others of your true intentions. Try to be clear in how you communicate to those around you and conscientious of your actions too!

Sagittarius: Hey Sag! Although it may not always feel like it, you’ve been on fire these past few months! Take some time to admire how hard you’ve been working and make adjustments if necessary. You’ve been a great friend lately, keep it up! 


Capricorn: No cap Cap, we need to talk. You’ve been a bit scary lately, and it’s been extremely intimidating, potentially distancing those around you. We suggest taking time to appreciate what you do have. It’s okay to let your guard down once in a while! 

Libra: Hey LiBRUH. The past few months you may have been piling things up, such as stress, work, and social priorities. Now is the month to get organized, one could say spring cleaning. Declutter and prioritize the important things. The time to detox is now!

Leo: Look Leo, we know your family is sick of you begging for attention, but please stop going live on Instagram. We’re all bored and in need of attention.

Pisces: We get it Pisces… you’re sensitive. It’s not that your emotions are invalid or wrong, but sometimes you portray how you feel like my three year old brother (who just so happens to also be a Pisces… interesting). Try taking deep breaths the next time you don’t get dessert after dinner.

Aquarius: Aquarius, I’m proud of you. You’ve shown a lot of growth this past year, and it’s all starting to pay off. Even when you make mistakes you’re able to recognize your part and make things right. Change is coming and it’s well deserved, stay optimistic and hopeful of the future.

Scorpio: This month is challenging for you Scorpio. It might seem like there are a hundred obstacles in your way that are preventing you from being your best. Rely on friends and family to prevent from being overwhelmed. Take it one step at a time!



By: Nathan Gee and Joseph Sarabia


drawing of trip to Rome


drawing of trip to Rome

Due to Modelo-20 making plane tickets cheaper, the Lincoln Loggers have decided to take a trip to Rome, can you find them all?


Sudoku IV

By: Andrea Zhang


Answers for last Sudoku:

answers to last sudoku


Rules for sudoku: Each of the nine blocks has to contain all the numbers (one through nine) within its squares. Each number can only appear once in a row, column, or box.





By: Yvonne Qiu and Andrea Zhang


“Diamond” - Higher Brothers

“It’s You” - Henry

“Meaning of You” - IU

“Anysong” - Zico

“Clap” - Seventeen 

“Lucky” - Henry & Suhyun

“Your Shampoo Scent In the Flowers” 

- Jang Beom June ( Be Melodramatic OST)

“Don’t Worry” - Lee Juck ( Reply 1988 OST)

“Miss You 3000” - 381

“Trampoline” -SHAED

“Moral of the Story” -Ashe

“Back To You” -Gill Chang & Chill Satellite

“Faith” -Nurko

“Godzilla” - Eminem ft JUICEWRLD

"Enter A Dream" - Bai Lu, Xu Kai

"Drunken Dreams of The Past" - Lin Zhixuan



By: Yvonne Qiu


Science Department Teachers

Frischer        Jou        Mariotti

Fernandez        Kim        Oliva

Heidepriem        Landa    Reis

Jones        Levin        Roque





Gordon Liang

Alisa Romagnoli

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Nathan Gee

Ella Fino

Yvonne Qiu

Gordon Liang

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