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Tokyo Ghoul: The boy who turned into a ghoul

By: Nelson Ma


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“Tokyo Ghoul” is a famous anime that was created in 2014. “Tokyo Ghoul” currently has three seasons: “Tokyo Ghoul”, “Tokyo Root A”, and “Tokyo Ghoul: RE”. This anime has over twenty-five million views worldwide.

The main character is a high school senior named Ken-Kaneki. Kaneki was a regular human being until he was bitten by a ghoul. The ghoul mutated him into one of them and it changed his life completely. He loses many of his closed loved ones, but finds happiness and closure at a coffee shop. Everyone in the coffee shop are ghouls, including the manager, and they become his new family, since he can no longer live life as a human being. The manager supplies him with human organs from time to time to keep him from going hungry.

Kaneki needed to force himself to control his need for flesh and he often lost control during encounters with other enemy ghouls that pick fights with him. At times he gets so hungry that he eats other ghouls after killing them. This was bizarre, because when he loses control he has a lot of endurance and addrenline that rushes through his body, and he acts like an animal.

“Tokyo Ghoul” was extremely graphic with lots of blood and gore. During this time humans and ghouls were at war. When ghouls are killed monster hunters would turn their bodies into weapons that they used to kill other ghouls.

Personally I enjoy this anime, because of the action and fast paced movement.

I thought that was really fascinating, but scary at the same time. When Kaneki first became a ghoul he couldn’t eat human food anymore only human beings. He would constantly throw up eating any form of human food. It was hard to watch, because I felt that if I were in his shoes I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. Kaneki was trying to adapt to his new life, and he was depressed for a long time.The anime allowed me to imagine myself as Kaneki and see the show through his point of view. This gave me shivers, because it felt so real.

The main characters were killed so quickly and some characters didn’t have enough screen time. The beginning episodes in the first season weren’t the best, because the characters weren’t getting introduced and there wasn’t enough action. Another downside is how the producers ended each episode on a cliffhanger in the most important parts, and it’s usually when they introduce a character or a fight scene.

Overall I give “Tokyo Ghoul” a four out of five stars review, because it has such a fascinating plot and the characters were well drawn with lots of colorful background art. I would definitely recommend this anime to a friend that is into fast paced action, gore, and mysterious anime.

Fortnite is the best battle royale game

By: Nelson Ma


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Battle Royale games have gotten gamers hooked worldwide. Battle Royales are games where a hundred or so players go head to head and fight each other until only one is left. The Fortnite vs. PUBG debate has caused great tension and has caused a huge fight in the Battle Royale community for the past year.

Both games have three different matchmaking modes: solo, duo, and squad. In solo you have the choice to be alone and test your skills and learn on your own. In duo you can have a friend with you against eighty other duos. In squad you can have up to four friends against twenty-five other squads. An important difference between PUBG and Fortnite is that PUBG has more realistic gameplay and graphics while Fornite has more cartoon based gameplay.

The main difference between “Fortnite” and “PUBG” is the building. In Fortnite players can build walls, staircases, and platforms. Players use these to their advantage to hide behind cover in which they return fire at their enemy. In PUBG, there is no such thing as building and you can easily get flanked by an enemy. This makes your character extremely vulnerable and can result in quick death. In Fortnite the walls that you build can give you time to locate your opponent, replenish your health, and consider your next potential move.

Another huge issue with PUBG is that that it continues to suffer from in-game bugs and glitches. The developers are not listening to the community’s feedback and while they say they will address these issues, the problems are never fixed. In Fortnite the community works well with the developers, and the developers are always willing to hear from their community. Many new and creative artworks from community members are taken into consideration and actually get implemented into the game. The game isn’t perfect, but for beta the game has gone a long way in development in my personal opinion.

The negative side of Fornite is that getting a hit is notoriously difficult. Sometimes shots don’t register even if you’re aiming directly at a person’s head and it becomes frustrating. From time to time certain weapons would hit far range shots that the weapon itself would not realistically be capable of doing. The developers have slowly improved the mechanics in the game, but the game can still be improved.

Overall I enjoy playing Fortnite because of its cartoon feel and building mechanics. The game looks even cleaner with more colorful and vibrant art compared to PUBG. The creators are always working on new outfits and characters that show up on the in-game market daily. PUBG only has certain skins, clothing, and it takes long periods of time for new content to come out that is another reason why Fortnite is better, because the developers give back to the community.


“PUBG” IS The King Of Survival and you need to play it

By: Isiah Rand 


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“PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds” is a shooting game with a twist, available to play on PC and Xbox One. For those who don't have a PC or Xbox One the game can be played on Android and iPhone. When you start a match, you drop out of a airplane with 99 other people and parachute to a location of your choosing to look for a weapon. The various weapons such as assault rifles, DMRs’ sniper rifles, light machine guns, submachine guns, shotguns, bows, pistols, grenades, and melee weapons make the game more fun. As the game goes on a circle starts appears on the map which you must enter or you start to lose health and die. As the circle closes, players get closer and closer to each other until the final shootout occurs between the two last players, whoever isn't killed wins. That is a basic concept of this amazing and heart pounding game. PUBG is a world wide famous game with 2 million plus players everyday. The game is fun for all players who love a game with realistic shooting mechanics, unlike Fortnite. PUBG allows its users to feel unique through earning clothes, it doesn’t force you to play as someone who looks nothing like you, you get custom clothes you can find during a match or unlock through crates by buying them with in game currency you earn by playing the game. There are custom parachutes you can show off while diving, and weapon skins for your guns.

I prefer the route PUBG took with its shooting options, you can play first person mode or third person mode. I've played both and have tons of wins in both, I can say from experience that PUBG is better especially when you win, nothing feels better than seeing “Winner winner chicken dinner” appear on your screen after surviving against 99 other people. This game is strictly skill based so if you have bad aim then you die simple as that, unlike its counterpart Fortnite which has building for those who are terrible at the game to survive longer which gives player’s false confidence into believing they’re good at the game. PUBG is a way prettier game than Fortnite with multiple maps in the game with different weather types and terrains. Weather plays a role which can make the game harder and forces you to sharpen your senses which isn’t a bad thing at all. Rain in the game is a game changer, the thunder is loud so you have to listen for footsteps even closer to know if enemies are near or you can use the thunder to your advantage and shoot at the enemy while the noise cancels out the shooting noise. It’s all skill based, it’s a pick and play but it will take time to master, unless you’re accustomed to these sort of games, the shooting style of CS:GO is close to this game and those who are good at CS:GO will excel in this game.

Fortnite is way too childish, it’s more about dancing on your enemy than it is about proving who’s better. I’m not a fan because it’s become something it was never meant to be, it’s a free game that charges you for all the cool gear. You either wait weeks to get one custom skin and emote or pay $25 just so you can spend just a bit less time getting these skins that have no gameplay effects.

PUBG is very good at adapting to its users computer, meaning if you don't have a very strong CPU or GPU then it'll adapt to make sure your computer isn't burned out and destroyed from the inside. The game does allow you to change its graphical settings just like most games on PC. The same goes for the phone version but the game does drain the battery which most games do  but it’s still probably one of the few negatives about the game I have. While Fortnite will force you to play with a ugly game setting if your computer or phone isn’t up to the challenge of its best settings.


Overall PUBG is for those who want to have fun and a challenge that won’t run your wallet into the ground. I recommend this to all people of all ages it’ll help you grow as a gamer.



By: Savinie Lin


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Aries: Knowing that summer is near makes you anticipate for the fun you have planned out, but the temptations of staying up and slacking off to do things you want is too strong for you to deny. At this point it’s not a surprise when you choose that Netflix show over your study packet.


Taurus: Summer’s right around the corner, but so are finals. Remember that your vacation won’t come any sooner by slacking off in class and putting off homework. The last thing you want is to spend your summer break at school to make up for everything you forgot.


Gemini: Your idea of summer finally may be going on wildest adventures and hang out with your friends, but you’ll realize that your definition of an eventful summer is binge watching TV and sleeping at a questionable time. Perhaps the closest to an adventure is exploring your city in ways you’ve never thought of.


Cancer: Packets, notes, classwork, all of which you have laid out in front of you. And whilst you’re determined to study for that test you may have, truth is you’re probably extending those ten minutes breaks into hourly breaks and then giving up in the end thinking you can handle it in the end.


Leo: You’re confident that this summer will be nothing like before and it’s true! You’ll feel the need to make new memories and explore unknown places, but all you need are good friends and maybe trying activities you’ve never done before. All that matters is that you don’t regret it and that you have fun.


Virgo: Your idea of starting anew with the season change is to probably better yourself. And though changing your profile picture on social media doesn’t actually signify a change it’s definitely a start to becoming a brand new you.


Libra: School’s finally over and you’re more than relieved that you can now be free from the smell of bad cafeteria food, the unsanitary restrooms, and waking up at an ungodly hour only to not learn anything in the first hour of your classes because of your drowsiness.


Scorpio: Whilst everyone is excited for summer break you’re focusing on whether or not you did well on all your final exams and classwork. Others are planning their vacation trips and you’re probably wondering if the answer is either A or B, but at the same time these thoughts probably won’t stop until summer actually begins.


Sagittarius: Whilst summer may be exciting for others, you can already hearing your wallet weeping at the thought of the future purchases you’ll make on Amazon after another round of late night binging or spending it on trips to the local mall.


Capricorn: It’s time to relax! This means you can stop stressing and give yourself the time you deserve to relax and recuperate. You’ve worked hard and it’s time that you reward yourself for all that hard work, and that also means watching that show you’ve put off because you know you’re going to binge. (Yes Netflix, I am still watching this.)


Aquarius: Final seasons is probably the worst time of the year for you. It probably means you’re waking up later than usual and sleeping at an unreasonable time that when you go to school you have this barrier around you saying ‘Dead until Summer.’

Pisces: Being indifferent about finals is one thing, but you’re probably the type to actually miss school during summer. Of course, you don’t miss the homework and the quizzes that come with it but probably going to lunch with your friends to buy overpriced boba.

Dysfunctional Family

By: Jacen Cnales 10th Grade Winner


Broken homes don’t break bones

They break souls

Cracked floor boards seem to seep my

Tears on to

The cords

That wire my goals.

Holes in the walls pour out arguments

That piece through my ears.

It seems to come around every year.

Muffled yelling heard crystal clear

I should have nothing to fear

The Pond

By: Panu Phan 12th Grade Winner


Have you ever really tried to make water still?

Make a pond quiet?

Turn rough waters smooth?


Rain falls.

Oceans rise.

Rivers flow.


No matter what happens water wants to run.

Every little breeze ripples the surface ever so softly.

It is as if the water wants to flow just because you don’t want it to.


Trying to make water still is a difficult task

You can not clamp it down.

You will find that it is impossible to hold together with your hands.


One could freeze the water.

Wait for the winter.

When everything is dead.


Only then will it be truly still.

A liquid becomes a solid.

Lifeless and still.


But if you prefer your water warmer with

Reeds, critters, and insects in all,

Stop trying.


Get out of the pond.

Find a soft spot on the bank

And sit.


Wait here on this patch of grass.

Wait a while under this willow tree.

Wait until the water stops.


Now your pond is still.

Now you have clarity.

Now you can see what lies beneath.

Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events provides suspense, comedy and excitement.

By:Gordon Liang


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After a big success with the pilot season of Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, a long-awaited second season has finally been released. In the beginning, the show starring Neil Patrick Harris is about Count Olaf, a failed actor, who tries to steal the fortune of the Baudelaires, a wealthy family. He goes through unique obstacles to inherit this fortune, but as the story unravels, more and more secrets about the family create exciting twists for the audience.


One of the key factors that make this show so great is the suspense it creates. Both seasons include 10 episodes each, but they are divided into five big episodes. This means that odd number episodes will be concluded by even number episodes. Along with the season-ending cliffhanger. This leaves the audience on the edge of their seats for a majority of the season. One thing that goes against this is that Netflix releases seasons in complete seasons so the audience wouldn’t have to wait to see what happens in the next episode. The only time that the audience has to wait to find out what happens next is at the end of the season.


Another factor that contributes to the success of this show is the comedy. From time to time, the Baudelaires escape Count Olaf due to him showing a lack of intelligence. At one point, Count Olaf was in disguise at Prufrock Preparatory School, and the audience can see who he is, but the rest of the characters (with a few exceptions) failed to recognize. This was comedic due to fact that it was so obvious, yet every other character doesn’t see it. Most characters lack common sense and that creates comedy in the series.


Count Olaf, Neil Patrick Harris’s character, performed a musical number during the second season. The point of the musical number was for comedy.


An important factor that keeps the audience stuck on the show is the emotions you feel as you watch the show. As Count Olaf constantly gets close to capturing the Baudelaires, the audience awaits to see how the Baudelaires get themselves out of the sticky situation. One factor that rose this year was the amount of deaths. Every single death this season kept being more and more devastating. At times, the audience felt confident that the Baudelaires were free, but in other times, the audience wishes that something had been done different to prevent the death of a supporting character. There was an instance when a character was about to kill Count Olaf. The character spent too much time gloating and Count Olaf eventually killed him. This devastated the audience because that character knew secrets about the Baudelaires that they and the audience were dying to know.


As of now, a third season of A Series of Unfortunate Events has yet to be confirmed. It seems likely based off the demand ad feedback it has received from many fans who own Netflix accounts.


Lincoln prom sees elegant attire but sub-par songs

By: Zev Curiel-Friedman


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    With the year coming to an end and finals and tests stacking up, amongst it all Lincoln High was greeted with some relief with the biggest dance of the year: Prom.

As students waltzed into the venue at the Mark Hopkins Hotel, they were greeted with amazing architecture, decadent dishes, elegant outfits, and sadly, sub-par songs.

Some of the dishes included a tub of melted chocolate accompanied by raspberries, strawberries, marshmallows, and coconut macaroons.

One junior Pana Phan particularly enjoyed the M&M cookies saying they were, “Hellllaa good.”

After indulging in the food, lots of people went around to admire each others look.

“Everyone dressed up and looked soooo nice!” said Junior Jessi Etges.

    One person who put a lot of effort into making sure she was “looking like a snack,” was Junior Katie Le. Le said she put three and a half hours into her look and already knew what she was going to wear before the year even had started.

“I already know what i’m going to wear next year too!” said Le. “I had to make sure that me and my boo were looking fly for our flicks.”

After a while, most students hit the dance floor, which eventually became a problem.

         Etges noted that, “The dance floor was so small and seemed to be made for about 100 people, but there was more than 450 people there!”

         Another issue that arose was the competence, or rather incompetence of the DJ.

         “The DJ was pretty wack,” said Junior Kaylee Chan, “he would cut off the good parts of the song and transition it to other songs that no one knew so everyone was just standing around.”

    Despite this fact, everyone was able to overcome the disparity in good songs and create their own enjoyment.

    Chan said, “The atmosphere was really energetic and lively.” and Le concurred saying, “It was really great everyone got along well and had fun.”

    For those that didn’t feel in the mood for dancing or just needed a break headed over to the game room, in which students could take pictures, or play board games such as Connect 4 and Battleship.

         Eventually the winners of prom royalty were announced, with Chris Ho and Sabrina Chu for Prince and Princess and Ade Lewis and Celine Thatch for King and Queen respectively.

         Ho had no doubt of his victory, gloating, “I knew we would win royalty because im fine as f*ck and we were the only two running.”

    Lewis put a ton of effort into his campaign for King, promoting himself by putting up his artwork throughout the school, reminding his peers to give him their vote.

    As the night came to an end, the songs slowed down, allowing for partners and friends alike to enjoy a few last intimate moments. The last song was Psycho, by Post Malone, and as the clock struck 12, the magical night was over.

    In retrospect Le concluded, “This was my favorite dance because I got to spend it with amazing people in my life,” and that “I believe that everyone should go to prom at least once because it's a one in a lifetime thing and you will never get it back!”

All kinds of superheroes fight in “Infinity War”

By: Yongjai Lin


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The little boy sitting in front of me in the theater watches with widened eyes full of awe as many superheroes come together to fight for what they believe in. In most movies the superheroes always will win, but how about this time? “Avengers: Infinity War” released on April 27, 2018. This is one of the most exciting and emotional movies this year. Some of the plot twists are unbelievable. I love the special effects of all the heroes fighting Thanos. One of effects I like is Doctor Strange’s special magic with visual effects. It is like watching a magic show.


It is a PG-13 Fantasy/Science fiction film and it is a Avengers movie, therefore most of the Marvel fans were going crazy to get a ticket and watch it at the first day! The movie is directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. It cost between 300-400 million dollars to make and is expected to make over two billion in profit. Infinity War is series three of the Avengers.

Avengers are all about superheroes fighting evil. This time we will have Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and the rest of the Avengers. All of the heroes are going to have battles with their most powerful enemy yet, Thanos. There are six Infinity Stones: The Space Stone (blue), the Reality Stone (red), the Power Stone (purple), the Mind Stone (yellow), the Time Stone (green) and the Soul Stone (is the one you love dead). Thanos wants to collect all six stones and uses them in together to gain omnipotence and omniscience.

The plot is unique and unlike any other Marvel movie. For example Thanos (played by Josh Brolin) went to different star to find each stone and began wiping out half the life in the universe to get the six Infinity stones to help his village. The change in setting is very fast and makes the story a bit difficult to follow. The planets are large and fancy. All the superheroes are on different stars to protect the stone. When they are fighting the scenes are shocking, it’s like you are just next to the heroes.The audience will not get bored. We have seen too stories where the heroes save the day at the end but this time the ending will surprise you. We are very excited what will happen next because many of the characters are gone and turned to ash.

I like the acting of Thanos because he is the big tough by but in some scenes he starts to cry and sits calmly to watch the beautiful sunset.

I give this movie a 5 out of 5. The movie taught me the value of teamwork and how to fight for what we believe in. The special effects are great as they used high tech software. Like all Marvel movies it will leave you wanting to know what’s next. It will surprise you.


By: Anonymous 9th Grade Winner



The sun

not a creator, but certainly god like

giving life to the seeds as they sleep

two worlds, so alike in their fervor, pulsing with life


And yet so different as well

from darkness to the dazzling sunlight they emerge

the smallest of green tendrils

that tie together above

and below

the perfect definition of a bridge between


As the roots conquer the earth underground

the leaves reach towards the sky

as if attempting of grasping heaven itself

Unending, expanding

Yes, they will die

their leaves will wither, their roots cease to explore

colors will fade until even the brightest of hues are no more

But the most beautiful thing about wildflowers

Is that out of their death

will always come a new life

Citrus Mist

By: Keomony Prak-Austin 11th Grade Winner


Spongy skinned,

Breathing porous globe.

Like a cool marble.

Microscopic lumps pervade

Every spot of skin like mountain moguls.

Deep to the fuzzy spinal cord

Twisted grooved seeds

Sleep soundlessly secluded like

Cocooned caterpillars.

Slivers of sun tightly

Bound by soft shelled flesh.

At its core

Veins strike

Like bolts of lightning.

Sticky beads of liquid press

Thick enveloped skins

Clustered with trillions of succulent cells.

Spitting belly button

About to burst.

A cracking stem with

A starfish flower

Hugged in the tissue

Like a crashed meteorite.

Wrinkly ripples are shallow valleys.

Dried pale scars and punctured holes

Scrape the glossy surface.

Peeling skin,

Pungent citrus mist

Tickle your taste buds.

Tangy, tender, and




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