CSF Tutoring

Tutoring can support your academic success!
  • CSF Drop-In Tutoring in the Library: Lunch A, Lunch B, Block 7, and everyday after school except Wednesdays

  • CSF 1-on-1 tutoring: Students can request a tutor for specific subjects, find more information on this S'24 CSF Tutoring Options doc!

  • Tutoring Questions: Can be sent to: lowellcsf@gmail.com

Credit Recovery

Credit recovery courses are provided for students who:
  • Received a grade of F in a course required for graduation

  • Want to retake a course to improve grade (received a grade of D in the original course)

  • Have not taken a required course for graduation

Sign up for credit recovery classes with your counselor.

Read more about high school credit recovery.

Transcripts, Report Cards & Course History

  • StudentVUE 'Documents': This is where students can find a copy of unofficial transcripts and all report cards.

    • These are not live documents and will not reflect any changes made beyond the 'Upload Date'.
  • StudentVUE 'Course History': This is where students can find final semester grades (for all classes) and watch for any updates to grades/transcript.

    • If students have submitted transcript edits or grade changes to their counselor, they can check Course History to monitor those changes.
  • Ordering official transcripts: Students can order official transcripts from the district but check with a counselor first!

Earning Credit Outside of Lowell

Students have the opportunity to earn credits from accredited institutions and add them to their Lowell transcript.

Dual Enrollment

SFUSD has a partnership with City College of San Francisco called Early College. Once students have completed a minimum of 120 high school credits, they can earn college credit through this dual enrollment program.

Class options change every semester.  Learn more about this college access program, Early College, and see what kinds of classes are offered. 

**Please note, if you want to take a course for credit that is not listed with Early College, see your counselor for more information. 

Concurrent Enrollment

If you plan on taking classes for credit to add to your Lowell transcript, you must fill out a Non-SFUSD Coursework for Credit Form for approval of the class (These are classes outside of Credit Recovery or Early College). This is a two-step process:

  1. Complete page 3 and 5 of this Non-SFUSD Coursework for Credit Form.

  2. Give your completed Non-SFUSD Coursework for Credit form to your counselor for approval before you start the course.

Students have taken classes with:

If you would like to take courses with another school that is not a part of the list above, please check with your counselor.


  1. Classes taken through Concurrent Enrollment cannot replace required courses during the school year.

  2. Although students may earn credit for courses taken outside of Lowell, it is not a guarantee that students will be fully prepared for subsequent Lowell courses.

  3. Prior Approval by School Site Administrator or Counselor is required in order to have credit added to high school transcript. If you do not get prior approval, the high school team may deny addition of credits to high school transcript.

This page was last updated on April 26, 2024