Applying to Lowell High School

Lowell Admissions policy for 2023-24 school year

For the 2023-24 school year, admissions at Lowell High School will be based on academic criteria as outlined in the Lowell Admissions Policy

Lowell High School is the only high school in SFUSD with academic based admissions criteria.

San Francisco Residency Requirement

  • Students who apply to Lowell must reside in San Francisco with a parent/legal guardian at the time of application and continue to live in San Francisco while attending Lowell. Any application with falsified information will nullify the application or result in a canceled assignment.
  • Interdistrict permits are not allowed for admission to Lowell.
  • Current SFUSD students in 8th grade do not need to submit additional documents for proof of address unless the student’s address has recently changed.
  • Non-SFUSD students must submit a picture ID of their parent/ guardian, proof of birthdate and one proof of address when submitting applications.

Applying for Lowell 9th grade

Key Application Deadlines



October 21, 2022 ParentVUE/online and PDF/paper applications available
December 16, 2022 

Last day to submit an application for admission into 9th grade: 

5PM online or close of business at the Educational Placement Center (EPC)

Week of March 20, 2023 Applicants will be notified by mail and on ParentVue of the student’s assignment for 2023-2024

How to Apply

In the online application available through ParentVUE includes the supplemental application sections for Lowell HS.

Paper applications are available in the EPC offices, or you can print your own here: ENGLISH | ESPAÑOL | 中文TAGALOG | TIẾNG VIỆTعربىSAMOA

Apply Online

All SFUSD and non-SFUSD 8th grade students may apply for Lowell by listing Lowell as one of their choices on the 2023-24 SFUSD Online Enrollment Application accessible through ParentVue.

Students applying to Lowell (i.e. students who have listed Lowell as one of their choices) will be asked to submit supplemental information (answer additional questions, complete additional sections, upload supporting documents) with their Online Application.

Apply by Paper

Applicants who prefer to apply with a paper application will need to submit both the general Enrollment Application AND the Lowell Supplemental Application.

Applications are due by December 16, 2022 by 5pm. 

In addition to Lowell, students can list any number of other SFUSD high schools on the SFUSD application. All requested schools, including Lowell, should be listed in order of preference. Lowell does not need to be the first choice.

Can I apply for Lowell before December 16 and then re-order my other high school preferences?

You can apply for Lowell by December 16th and then later add additional schools to your application by February 3rd.  However, you will not be able to use the Online Application to do your revision, because Lowell will no longer be an option.  You will need to use the 2023-24 Main Round Revision form which is be available on our website and in our office.

Admissions Test

Per the Admissions Policy, Lowell applicants who have not taken the 7th grade California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP), also known as SBAC, in a California public school must take the Lowell Admission Test on one of these scheduled dates:

  • Saturday, January 7, 2023
  • Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Applicants must select one of these test dates on their Lowell application.

Report card grades from 7th and 8th grades and CAASPP or Lowell Admission test results will be obtained by the Educational Placement Center (EPC) from the District or the applicant’s current school.

Complete information about the process is available on the Lowell application form and the Lowell Admissions Policy, available soon at

Update: SFUSD will be reviewing emerging data on learning loss and its impact on students' SBAC scores. Pending this analysis, SFUSD will review cutoff scores and determine if a “COVID adjustment” is necessary. The timeline for making any adjustments would likely occur in late January. We will communicate in February the outcome of that review process and students will receive assignments in March.

The EPC will not have any additional information to share regarding a possible "COVID adjustment" until SFUSD makes a determination if a "COVID adjustment" is necessary.

Because adjustments may be made, we encourage all students interested in Lowell to apply. 

Please check this page for any updates. If you any questions or concerns, please call the Student Family School Resource Link at (415) 340-1716. 

What's the Lowell 9th grade selection process?

All applications received for Lowell are reviewed, and students who meet the admissions criteria are identified before the school assignment run in March.

Students who meet the admission criteria and list Lowell as their first choice will receive an assignment offer to Lowell.

Those who meet the requirements but list another school as a higher choice will go into the school assignment process for their higher choice. If they are assigned that higher choice, they will not receive an offer to Lowell. However, if they do not receive their higher choice, they will be assigned to Lowell.

Students who do not meet the admissions criteria for Lowell will not be negatively impacted for other school choices. They will still be included in the assignment process for other school choices listed on their application.

Due to the student assignment process, it is very important that students list their school choices in order of their preference.

Assignment offers will be mailed by March 20, 2023. There is no wait pool or appeal process for Lowell. There also is no sibling tiebreaker for Lowell, nor are the other regular high school tiebreakers applied. All students must meet the admissions criteria to enroll.

Additional details can be found here: 

English  | Español | 中文 | Tiếng Việt | Tagalog | العربيGagana Sāmoa 

Applying for Lowell Grades 10-12

How to Apply

The Lowell application process for grades 10-12 for the 2023-24 school year begins May 8, 2023.

Apply Online

Students may apply online through ParentVue using the Lowell Transfer Application.

Apply by Paper

Paper applications will also be available at the Educational Placement Center (EPC) and

  • The paper application must be submitted in person to EPC or via email to between May 8 and June 23, 2023.

Applications submitted after the June 23, 2023 deadline, or those received by mail or fax, will not be considered.

What is the Lowell Transfer selection process?


To qualify for Lowell admission into grades 10-12, the best grades from four of the five academic subjects from each semester of high school will be considered:

  • English
  • Laboratory Sciences
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Foreign Language

These classes must be listed on their official transcript. No more than one course from each of the five academic subject areas will be considered. Courses completed in summer school are not acceptable.


Current SFUSD students do not need to submit transcripts.

Students who attend school outside of SFUSD or attend a charter school must submit their official transcripts to the EPC by July 3, 2023. Transcripts can be submitted separately from the application by the July 3, 2023 deadline. Transcripts must arrive sealed to be considered official and may be mailed or emailed directly from the applicant’s current school.

Availability for grades 10-12

Availability for grades 10-12 depends on the number of available seats at Lowell. Notification letters will be mailed no later than July 28, 2023.

There is no wait pool or appeal process for Lowell.

There also is no sibling priority for Lowell, nor are the other regular high school tiebreakers applied.

All students must meet the admissions criteria to enroll.

Additional details will be provided in Spring 2023.

This page was last updated on December 2, 2022