Proposed Changes to Student Assignment Policy


The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) is currently revisiting our policy for how elementary school students are assigned to public schools. This won’t affect families applying to schools for next fall but it may change things in future years.  

This website will provide updates and share opportunities to provide feedback throughout the process. Also be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive updates throughout the process. 


In December 2018, the Board of Education passed Resolution 189-25A1 Developing a Community Based Student Assignment System for SFUSD, which began the process of developing a new student assignment system for elementary schools. In their resolution, the Board listed a number of concerns with the current system, including that it has not reversed the trend of racial isolation, is complicated for families to navigate, and isn’t predictable or transparent enough.

Throughout the 2019-20 school year SFUSD hosted a series of public meetings with the Board's Ad Hoc Committee on Student Assignment and in spring 2020 SFUSD gathered community feedback on the Board's policy goals and three potential concepts for a new elementary school assignment system. 

Policy Goals

SFUSD’s goals for a new elementary school assignment policy are:

  • Diversity: Create integrated elementary schools that provide students with the opportunity to experience the rich diversity of our city.
  • Predictability: Offer families of elementary school students a high degree of predictability about where their children will be enrolled in school.
  • Proximity: Create strong community connections to local schools and reduce the number of families with elementary school students traveling across the city.

Next Steps

This fall, SFUSD will again host public meetings with the Board’s Ad Hoc Committee on Student Assignment to discuss a policy recommendation, and the full Board of Education will vote on a new elementary school student assignment policy on December 8, 2020. Community members will be able to join the conversation by participating in these public meetings. All meetings will be held virtually and community members may participate by phone or on Zoom. Meeting links and materials are available at

  • Ad Hoc Committee on Student Assignment: Monday, August 31 (5-7 pm)
    • (Why are we changing student assignment, elementary school portfolio analysis, process improvements for 2021-22 enrollment cycle)
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Student Assignment: Monday, September 14 (5-7 pm)
    • (Theory of action, Stanford policy simulations: narrowing down the concepts)
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Student Assignment: Tuesday, September 29 (4-6 pm)
    • (Metrics for evaluation, Stanford policy simulations: most effective policy levers)
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Student Assignment: Wednesday, October 14 (5-7 pm)
    • (Staff recommendation, community engagement plan)
  • Full Board of Education: Tuesday, October 20 (3-7 pm)
    • (First reading of recommended policy)
  • Committee of the Whole: Tuesday, December 1 (3-5 pm)
    • (Discussion of policy)
  • Full Board of Education: Tuesday, December 8 (3-7 pm)
    • (Second reading and action)

If a new policy is adopted in December 2020, it would likely go into effect for students enrolling in kindergarten for the 2023-24 school year.