Submit Content to the Family Announcement Bulletin (FAB)

How to Submit Content to FAB

The Family Announcements Bulletin (FAB) is a weekly family newsletter that goes out every Thursday evening. FAB is an email summary of all public website announcements posted in the previous week. FAB will be in English, but it will have links to Google Translated versions of public website announcements.

Families who have included their email address in ParentVUE/Synergy will automatically receive FAB unless they have unsubscribed. Interested community members and staff can also sign up to receive FAB. Urgent messages to SFUSD families or staff will still be sent via SchoolMessenger and not via FAB.

To submit content to FAB:

  1. Publish an OASIS employee announcement by 5 p.m. Wednesday to be considered for inclusion in Thursday's FAB.
    Get access to post to OASIS, or view our cheat sheet (all text) or this step-by-step guide with screenshots to learn how to post.
  2. For the audience field, make sure "Families and Students" is checked.
  3. Please do not submit FAB content from non-SFUSD organizations. Non-SFUSD organizations can submit to FAB and OASIS by filling out this form and answering "Yes" on question 7.
  4. Communications will review OASIS employee announcements with "Families and Students" as the audience and select specific announcements to post to the public website and to FAB. Please note that not every announcement will be added to FAB.

Nonprofit and government organizations can submit to FAB and OASIS by filling out this form and answering "Yes" on question 7.

To increase the likelihood of getting your announcement in FAB, make sure to include details such as:

  • Why the announcement is important or relevant to families or students
  • Action items families or students should take
  • Deadlines
  • Times and places of events
  • Contact information

This page was last updated on September 10, 2021