Procurement Department

FY 23-24 Contract Flow Chart

Contract Flow Chart


Procurement Clinic

The Procurement Department will hold twice-monthly clinics to:

  • Give presentations on topics related to procurement (see Procurement website for details)
  • Answer ANY questions and concerns regarding purchasing, contracts, and insurance. 

The meetings will be held the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month. The first clinic was held on 9/13/23. If you've attended the Procurement Clinic on 9/13, you will not need to attend the one on 9/27 because it will be a repeat of the same topics. If you know of anyone that could benefit from the training, please ask them to attend. All the sessions from 9/27 onward have been changed to Google Meet.

The clinics will be held via Google Meet. Please take advantage of this opportunity to better understand the procurement process.  Much has changed in the last year.



FY 2023-24 Contract Forms


The above link provides access to the FY 2023-24 Contract Forms.  Each template must be downloaded in Word.  Do NOT send blank templates to vendors/suppliers for them to complete.  Filling out the contract templates is the responsibility of District staff only.  Email with any questions.


Procurement Staff Directory

Contracts Team - email:

Michael Hirai - Senior Administrative Analyst, (415) 355-6963 ext. 1609,

Patricia Martir - Senior Administrative Analyst, (415) 241-6468 ext. 1616,

Kenneth Neu - Manager, (415) 241-6309,


Purchasing Team

Susan Chan - Senior Purchaser, (415) 241-6468 ext. 1604,

Omar Sanchez - Purchaser, (415) 241-6468 ext. 1607,



Ann Yau - Management Assistant, (415) 241-6468 ext. 1605,



Arthur Marcelo - Director of Procurement, (415) 241-6468 ext. 1608,



SFUSD Procurement Department

135 Van Ness, Room 310

San Francisco, CA 94102

Phone (415) 241-6468

Fax (415) 241-6487


Questions regarding contracts?

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