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The Office of Equity umbrella covers topics including sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, bullying, harassment, discrimination, hazing, and cyberbullying

SFUSD's Office of Equity has district wide responsibilities to ensure that all students are treated equitably in the district's programs and activities and are provided an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation, retaliation, and bullying. 

The Office of Equity is responsible for developing and revising required district policies and procedures and ensuring they are disseminated on a district-wide basis. It also responds to and investigates harassment, discrimination, intimidation, and bullying complaint allegations; Title IX sexual harassment complaints; Section 504 complaints; Uniform Complaint Procedure (UCP) complaints; and Williams complaints. The Office of Equity also conducts regular trainings for site administrators and various district personnel and provides general guidance and support for the SFUSD community on these issues.

SFUSD's Office of Equity promotes and ensures equity, social justice and academic success for all SFUSD students. The Office of Equity provides leadership in education and compliance for all equity-related issues and in the development and enhancement of diversity and equity so that each student can achieve their maximum potential in a positive and safe learning environment.


Title IX Tools for School Staff

Key Takeaways about Title IX Processes

Title IX processes are extremely prescriptive based on federal law.  The steps outlined below are mandated by the Office of Civil Rights, so please be sure to review and implement carefully.   


If anything potentially Title IX related comes up, take these steps first:

  1. Gather basic information about the incident, including who was involved, where it happened, and what conduct (allegedly) occurred.  If the incident is reported by a third party (especially not a direct witness), speak to the alleged victim to get this information.  Do not speak to the accused yet. You can use this Intake Meeting Agenda + Notecatcher, if it feels helpful. 
  2. Provide the student with information about Title IX processes (here is a handout you can share).  Notify the student of their right to file a Formal Complaint (using this form or by reviewing + signing the intake form linked above).  Notify the student's parent/guardian of the report. 
  3. Offer the student supportive measures.  This can be any intervention/set of interventions that are not punitive in any way.  Refer to the SFUSD Supportive Measures Menu for ideas. 
  4. Reach out to me ( / the Office of Equity ( for consult.  We will review the information and determine if the incident meets Title IX criteria. We will dismiss a complaint if:
  • the incident occurred outside our location jurisdiction (ie: anything that occurs off-campus/outside of a school sponsored event)
  • the conduct is not severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive

After this, the complaint will either be investigated by the Office of Equity or referred back to the school for investigation under Bullying & Harassment.  If the latter occurs, we will provide you with resources and guidance.


Site Leader Resources

Essential Resources for Site Leaders:

  • Title IX Site Leader Playbook  - Check out this one-stop shop with all the collected resources site leaders will need to prevent and respond to Title IX incidents
  • Equity At-a-Glance - Check out this one-page overview of Title IX and Bullying & Harassment with links to other key documents


Other Helpful Resources for Site Leaders:

Training Resources

Slide Decks:


Training Deliverables:

Resources for Students + Families

Bullying & Harassment Tools for School Staff

Key Takeaways about Bullying & Harassment Processes

Safe campuses require a multi-faceted approach with clear and consistent behavior expectations as well as strategies to prevent, respond to, and recover from incidents of bullying & harassment. The school principal participates in and directs all school staff to create an environment where the school community upholds the standards of respect and civility and understands that bullying & harassment are inappropriate, harmful, and unacceptable. Towards this goal, schools shall:

  • Set school-wide expectations that align with the District’s Safe and Supportive Schools Resolution that promote a safe, respectful, and bully-free school environment. These expectations shall be shared with all students, families, and staff.
  • Each school site should have a mechanism for investigating reports of bullying & harassment. The school’s process must be communicated to all students, families, and staff. Your school site's bullying & harassment process should include the following:
    • Mechanisms to receive reports of bullying & harassment. 
    • A procedure to conduct initial interviews with students.
    • A procedure to provide prompt supportive measures
    • A procedure for notifying students and their guardians of incidents and investigations.
    • If the report alleges bullying or harassment based on a student's protected class, notify the Office of Equity within two school days of the incident.
    • A procedure to thoroughly investigate reports of bullying & harassment. 
    • A procedure to share investigation outcomes with students and guardians.
    • A procedure to document and close the matter.

Visit the Site Leader Resources below for helpful templates, resources, and tools to update your school site's process. If you have a question that our new Bullying & Harassment Toolkit does not answer, reach out to the Office of Equity ( or Bridget Claycomb ( for a consultation. 

Site Leader Resources

Essential Resources for Site Leaders:

  • Bullying & Harassment: Administrator's Required Actions - Check out this one-stop shop with all the collected templates, forms, and resources that site leaders will need to respond to, investigate, and close Bullying & Harassment incidents.
  • Equity At-a-Glance - Check out this one-page overview of Title IX and Bullying & Harassment with links to other key documents.

Other Helpful Resources for Site Leaders:

Training Resources

Independent Learning Modules (ILMs) Coming Soon!

Resources for Students & Families

Equity and Title IX Office Contact Information

Kiki Williams -- Executive Director, Office of Equity & Employee Relations --

Eva Kellogg - Manager/Title IX Coordinator, Office of Equity --

Bridget Claycomb -- Manager, Office of Equity -- 

Aisha Mathews -- Case Coordinator -- 

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