Junior Year

Junior Year

The 11th grade of the Green Academy is focused on technology and engineering. Students are provided with hands on learning experiences and study efforts to save and understand our environment.

  • English "with a Green focus" with Ms. Lindow
  • US History "with a Green focus" with Mr. Cary
  • Green Academy 2: Green Engineering with Ms. Ziegler

Our class designed and built a vermiculture bench, created and taught lessons to students in K-3 about compost and proper waste management. Thank you to Great Wall Hardware on Taraval St. for donating the supplies for our project.


Course Description

This is a hands-on course in engineering with a strong focus on environmentally sustainable practices. We will study engineering design (standards, process, documentation, etc) and learn to study and solve problems in a systematic way - as an engineer would. We will study product design from the perspective of cradle-to-cradle life cycles. We will study what makes a home, office or school sustainable, and we will investigate the city we live in with an eye for sustainability. We will research the creation, transmission and consumption of energy by our society. We will engineer solutions to green energy technological problems, and we will build alternative energy projects (sun, wind, water, etc) to solve some of these problems. We will consider human needs, such as transportation, and learn about problems and solutions regarding sustainability in this area. Finally, we will be assessing our own lifestyles throughout the course, to discover ways that we can work towards an environmentally sustainable world.


Green Engineering Projects

A green academy student project.A green academy project.Green Academy project.


Green Academy ProjectGreen Academy Project.A green academy student project.


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