Business Academy

What is the Business Academy


Interested in starting your own business or have the entrepreneurial spirit? Business Academy will help you build your skills in design thinking, prototyping, marketing, and startup financing. This 3 year Career Technical Education Pathway is designed to give students hands-on experience on creating and running a business. In our Junior and Senior years, students will create their own business and pitch them to investors in our Business Plan Competition. If you have always wanted to be on Shark Tank, then this is the academy for you. 

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Courses Offered

Courses Offered

10th grade- Introduction to Entrepreneurship

11th grade- Entrepreneurship 1 

12th grade- Entrepreneurship 2

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Between junior and senior year in the academy, students have an opportunity to take part in a paid summer internship.  This past summer, 13 students got real world experience at internship sites throughout the city.  Some of the internship providers are listed below:

  • Bank of America
  • KPMG
  • SF Public Utilities Commission
  • PACT
  • San Francisco Shared Schoolyard Project 
  • Genesys Works
  • SFUSD Bond Office
  • Langley Investments
  • Treasury and Tax Collector's Office
  • Assessor & Recorder's Office




NFTE Competitions

Our Juniors and Seniors compete in the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, Seed and Investor Funding.


Previous Winners: 

1st place, Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, Seed Funding - Jasmine Liberona and Lauren Young (class of 2022) 

1st place, Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, Investor Funding- Kaylie Lam, Elaine Ma, Yuetong Zheng, and Ashley Zhang (class of 2021) 

2nd place, Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, Investor Funding- Jonny Mesler, Devon Hung, Andrew Lee, and Michael Vega (class of 2021)

1st place, Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, Investor Funding - Kevin Ng, Juan Taraya III, Scott Okano, and Matthew Sam (class of 2020)




Bobby Crotwell NB5 

Travis Heidepriem 322

Kevin Grayson G202


Chris Cary 139

Melanie Lindow 203

Daniel Ruelas 107

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