Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School

Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School

Burton HS
Renovated Southeast Facade of the Academic Building at Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School

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The Academies at Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School are small, diverse learning communities designed to personalize the educational experience for all students. We believe that students learn best in a school environment where they are supported and nurtured by the school staff and their classmates. Burton is a true Community School. Families and community members play a larger part in the Burton program and design, and students and parents are excited to be a part of the Burton community.

General Information

Project Details


Deems Lewis McKinley

General Contractor: Alten Construction, Inc.
Construction Manager: Kitchell
Bid Amount (Hard Cost): $25,602,000
Change Order Amount: $5,952,826   (23.25% of bid amount)
Final Contract Amount: $31,554,826

Project Description

The project scope is generally described as the comprehensive modernization of Burton Academic High School including but not limited to: ADA compliance upgrades, voluntary structural retrofit, replacement of windows, doors, roofing, interior finishes, plumbing, mechanical, data and signal systems.

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