Pathway Impact

Impact Data

273 Teachers

Over the last six years, Pathway has prepared 273 teachers to teach in SFUSD schools, including 155 Special Education teachers, 59 Multiple Subject teachers, and 59 Bilingual Spanish teachers.

Teachers Who Stay

In an environment of nationwide high teacher turnover, Pathway works to recruit and support teachers to stay in SFUSD. 94% of our teachers return for a second year, 84% for a third.

Diversity Driven

We are driven to increase the diversity of SFUSD's teaching force. 65% of our graduates are teachers of color, and our currently enrolled teachers are 81% teachers of color. Statewide, only 34% of all new teachers are people of color.

Career Growth

Pathway provides a career growth opportunity for SFUSD paraeducators, substitutes, emergency credentialed teachers, and other staff. 41% of our current teachers and graduates were SFUSD employees before pursuing a credential via Pathway to Teaching.

Student Voice

In a Fall 2022 survey of 367 SFUSD students, feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Students reported feeling care from their teachers and that their teachers are challenging them academically.

Teacher Quality

Over the last four years, 89% of site administrators have indicated that Pathway teachers are performing at least as well as other teachers with comparable experience. 60% said they are performing "better" or "much better."

This page was last updated on June 13, 2024