SFUSD adopts new Physical Education policy

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SFUSD adopts new Physical Education policy

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The San Francisco Board of Education has passed a resolution to provide clarity regarding San Francisco Unified School District’s (SFUSD) Physical Education requirements.

The policy continues the current practice of requiring 200 minutes of Physical Education (PE) every 10 days for kindergarten through fifth grade, and 400 minutes every 10 days for grades 6-12. These requirements mirror those established by state law.

For the 2016-17 school year, students who are enrolled in three-year career pathways, alternative schools of choice, or continuation or county schools are allowed to complete their PE requirement through independent study.

Over the past nine years, the board has adopted a series of resolutions and policies that address PE requirements but without providing a full description of SFUSD policy and expectations related to PE. This new policy presents a more complete set of expectations for PE instruction.

The policy includes the provisions of a California Assembly bill, adopted in 2015, that allows families to use the Uniform Complaint process to address complaints regarding the required amount of PE instruction time.

In a separate resolution, the board also agreed to continue allowing students enrolled in JROTC programs to earn PE credit through independent study.  


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