Update re: June Jordan School for Equity

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Update re: June Jordan School for Equity

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June Jordan School for Equity (JJSE) is open today and students, their families and staff are receiving support from counselors and the school administration has convened community meetings with students and families.

District officials and the San Francisco Police Department are working closely to ensure ongoing student safety. Shortly after the incident that occurred in the school parking lot on October 18th, it appeared that an individual student had been targeted by assailants who are not affiliated with the school and that there is no evidence of ongoing threat to the JJSE student body.

The four students who were injured during the incident have received appropriate medical attention and are recovering from their injuries.

“We commend JJSE’s leaders, faculty and students both for their steady, calm and caring actions as the situation evolved and for the dedicated and courageous efforts that they have already begun to heal from yesterday’s events,” said Interim Superintendent Myong Leigh in a statement issued Wednesday morning.



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