Students create simulated roller coasters using algebraic equations

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Students create simulated roller coasters using algebraic equations

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High school students taking Algebra 2 this summer will hold a “Polynomial Carnival” for preschoolers to showcase roller coasters they created.


Tuesday, July 17 / 11:15 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

Lincoln High School / 2162 24th Avenue


Media, please RSVP to Laura Dudnick at



SFUSD aims for all students to make sense of challenging mathematics in ways that are creative, interactive and relevant. The Polynomial Carnival allows Algebra 2 students to explain basic algebraic concepts to others in a fun and simplistic way.



The Algebra 2 students will invite preschoolers to interact with some of the projects they worked on this summer. The kids will get stamps or tickets for interacting at booths to trade in for prizes. Activities will include roller coaster tube racing and playing a roller coaster creator game.


SFUSD’s Common Core State Standards (CCSS) math curriculum are intended to make learning more collaborative and conceptual than previous math courses. Educators, policymakers and researchers across California and the nation — including leaders from 75 districts and schools, as well as the California School Board Association — are now turning to SFUSD to consult on course sequence policies, placement practices and efforts to end tracking.



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