Statement from SF Board of Education President Gabriela López About the SFUSD Equity Audit and Action Committee Zoom Attack

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Statement from SF Board of Education President Gabriela López About the SFUSD Equity Audit and Action Committee Zoom Attack

San Francisco (November 4, 2021) - The SFUSD Equity Audit and Action Committee convened over Zoom on Nov 3, 2021. During the meeting an unknown participant attacked members and attendees with racial slurs and pornographic imagery. 

Board President Gabriela López shared this statement:  

“A Reminder of What Brought Us Here. 

What we experienced during the first SFUSD Equity Audit and Action Committee meeting is a clear indication of the hate we are combating. It is exactly what occurred at one of our high schools earlier this year and why we pointed to the bigotry and discrimination that weaves throughout our district and our city. 

To use words from my first statement on this issue, our students are dealing with a system that allows such blatant racism to run rampant in our schools. We cannot be okay with racist slurs and pornographic images being shown during any meeting, especially one that is formed to combat this for the betterment of our students.

For all of the people who were present who had to witness this and who endured further harm, I am sorry. 

Throughout the year we have had several conversations about expanding on the much needed equity work within our school district. We made strides in increasing transparency and including people who would like to be involved in these important conversations because we understand this is not just the school district's work, but the broader community.  

This committee has been attacked since its inception, down to the applications sent in. But this will not stop the crucial work that will occur and the inclusive, clear process we have built throughout. I am proud of the group we have formed and I am able to see how each member’s presence is going to aptly contribute to what we have set out to do.

We will be sure to include increased protections and make certain our work is not derailed. Tonight we were reminded of why we created this committee and understand our collective efforts will lead to concrete action and accountability. As one of the members stated, eyes forward.”

About the Equity Audit & Action Planning Committee

SFUSD's Equity Audit & Action Planning Committee is one of many steps to advance SFUSD’s goals around equity and access and is an essential part of SFUSD’s resolution, “In Response to Ongoing, Pervasive Systemic Racism at Lowell High School”. The audit and work of this committee will be supported by The UK Education and Civil Rights Initiative (ECRI), in collaboration with the National NAACP. To learn more about the ECRI and the team leading this audit visit here. Our shared goal is the facilitation of a full community driven Racial Equity Plan.