SF Board of Education Approves Updates to Rules and Operating Procedures

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SF Board of Education Approves Updates to Rules and Operating Procedures

San Francisco (Sept. 8, 2022) - On Tuesday, Sept. 6, San Francisco Board of Education commissioners unanimously approved updates to the Board Rules and Operating Procedures designed to focus more of its time on student outcomes. The Board of Education aims to increase transparency in its work as part of its long-term plan to improve its governance practices.

The policy changes include:

  • publishing draft agendas and materials 12 days in advance of regular meetings;
  • implementing a process for staff to provide answers to Board members’ questions, a record of which will be included in the final published agenda;
  • clarifying staff expectations for the preparation of materials before being placed on the agenda;
  • increasing transparency and opportunity for the community to provide input to staff and the board;
  • ensuring each Board committee has a clear focus, timeline, and deliverables;
  • defining Board behavior and expectations and how they are delineated from the duties of the Superintendent; and
  • increasing focus on supporting the Board’s work as a governing body.

“The revised policy is an important result of the Board’s work,” said Board of Education President Jenny Lam. “It is our blueprint and North Star. It provides a clear set of instructions as we move forward as a further commitment to our students by governing with focus.”

On June 28, 2022, the Board of Education commissioners approved a resolution to temporarily pause the Board’s standing committees to give the Board and superintendent time to listen to the community, refresh the district’s vision, values, and goals, and focus on improved governance practices. Also, on June 28, President Jenny Lam appointed an Ad Hoc Committee to Revise Board Rules and Operating Procedures. The ad hoc Committee held three meetings to discuss potential amendments to Board Rules and Procedures, including: 

  • board member communication (communication between members and with community or staff); 
  • board meetings and agendas (board annual & monitoring calendar, adding or selecting appropriate agenda items, timeline to prepare for meetings, design of board meetings, design requirements of committees, committee meetings, and any bodies empaneled by the board); and 
  • addressing board member concerns regarding the behavior of board members or staff. 

The Board’s updated Rules and Operating Procedures reflect these amendments. 

As a next step, Superintendent Dr. Matt Wayne will begin implementing the changes to the Board’s rules and operating procedures, which are expected to take three to four months to implement fully. In addition, President Lam will extend the charge of the ad hoc committee to address outstanding procedural issues such as the roles of existing committees, existing advisories, and public comment.

More information on the Boards of Education’s approach to becoming an effective school board: 

Read the full Board Rules and Procedures.


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