SF Board of Education Approves Goals to Guide SFUSD’s Priorities for the Next Five Years

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SF Board of Education Approves Goals to Guide SFUSD’s Priorities for the Next Five Years

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San Francisco (October 27, 2022) — At Tuesday's regular meeting, the San Francisco Board of Education unanimously adopted a new vision, values, goals, and guardrails (VVGG) that will collectively serve as the San Francisco Unified School District’s North Star over the next five years. Taken together, they will guide SFUSD to prioritize strategies and policies that advance student outcomes. Going forward, the district will regularly report on progress toward the VVGG, providing an important measure of transparency and accountability.

The new vision, values, goals, and guardrails resulted from an extensive community listening campaign led by all seven board members to understand better what San Franciscans want for their public schools. The Board and SFUSD staff facilitated 20+ in-person and virtual listening sessions, conducted an online survey, and reviewed advisory council and committee recommendations. Overall, the Board received nearly 4,000 pieces of input from almost 1,000 community members, including parents, grandparents, guardians, staff, and students.

"I am thrilled to adopt the district's new vision, values, goals, and guardrails with my colleagues on the Board of Education,” said SF Board of Education President Jenny Lam. “This is a major move in the right direction for the Board, the district, and the greater San Francisco community. We came together to inform how SFUSD can provide a world-class education for our students.”

The resulting vision describes the district’s top priority for SFUSD students: to graduate as independent thinkers with a sense of agency and to have attained academic and creative skills to lead productive lives and contribute to our community. 

The district plans to accomplish this by achieving three long-term goals: increasing the literacy of all third-grade students, increasing the math proficiency of all 8th grade students, and increasing the percentage of high school 12th graders who are college- and career-ready. 

“As we continue to rebuild trust with the community, the Board’s adoption of the vision, values, goals, and guardrails will help provide a North Star to provide an excellent and equitable education for all of our students,” said SFUSD Superintendent Dr. Matt Wayne. “I look forward to working with the Board and staff to make SFUSD’s vision and values come to life.”

The Board will follow SFUSD’s five fundamental values while pursuing the district's vision: student-centered, fearless, united, social-justice-oriented, and diversity-driven. In addition, the five guardrails approved will protect the community’s values as the superintendent implements strategies to achieve the goals. They include: effective-decision making guidelines, serving the whole child, ensuring high-quality curriculum and instruction, equitable resource allocation, and forging strategic partnerships.  



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