New PK-5 Language Arts Core Curriculum on the Horizon for SFUSD

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New PK-5 Language Arts Core Curriculum on the Horizon for SFUSD

Families, Staff, and Community Members Invited to Participate in Process for Developing New Curriculum

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San Francisco (December 8, 2022) - The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) is engaged in a process to select and implement a new PK-5 Language Arts Core Curriculum. The last adoption of a Language Arts core curriculum occurred in 2012-2013, over 10 years ago. 

SFUSD began the process in 2021-2022 with an audit from an outside non-profit organization, The New Teacher Project (TNTP), to conduct an audit of K-5 Literacy curricula and instruction. The audit included a review of the district’s written, taught and learned curriculum. The results of the 2021-2022 audit were shared with the SFUSD Board of Education, site leaders, families and community partners.

During the 2022-2023 school year SFUSD staff, families and community partners have been invited to participate in the review of PK-5 Language Arts Core Curricula. SFUSD selected PK-5 Language Arts Core Curricula that meets criteria in all areas according to Ed Reports, which is an independent organization that empowers districts with free reviews of K-12 instructional materials. Ed Reports offer evidence-rich, comprehensive information about a program's alignment to the standards and other indicators of quality. Based on Ed Reports, seven different Language Arts programs met criteria and were selected for SFUSD’s review process. 

“The Board of Education recently adopted an ambitious goal for third grade literacy. Having a research-based literacy curriculum at all of our schools is key to achieving this goal,” SFUSD Superintendent Dr. Matt Wayne said. “We are pleased to engage in this opportunity to develop and adopt a new Language Arts Core Curriculum, with input from those who are most impacted by it – students, families and staff.”

“Our goal is to adopt the highest quality Language Arts Core Curriculum that will serve as a strong foundation for our students and provide a consistent, high leverage tool for our teachers,” Head Academic Officer Dr. Nicole Priestly said. “We are committed to making this process transparent and inclusive, which is why we have staff, families, and other stakeholders to be part of this process.”

The SFUSD Leadership team, comprised of staff from Curriculum and Instruction, Office of Assessments and Achievement, Special Education, Early Education and LEAD Assistant Superintendents and Directors of each PK-5/ PK-8 Cohort of Schools, reviewed the seven selected Core curriculum materials using the SFUSD criteria rubric in order to select four to move forward for further review by a cross-sectional Review Team. 

Review Team: 

SFUSD invited educators, leaders, parents and community members to participate in the review process of the core curriculum using a criteria rubric. Over 100 members of the SFUSD staff applied and were accepted to be part of the Review Team. The Review Team will select two Language Arts Core Curriculums to pilot by classroom teachers during the Spring of 2023 and Fall of next school year. The piloting teachers will implement both curriculum and provide a recommendation for final selection and adoption of new Language Arts Core Curriculum.  Based on the results of the pilot, SFUSD will select a Language Arts curriculum for adoption in the 2024-2025 school year.  

Other opportunities for participating in the process and providing feedback: 

Families, community partners, and staff will be invited to participate in surveys and town halls to provide feedback throughout this process. For more information on how to contribute and provide input please see the attached flier.


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