SFUSD Announces Settlement in Lawsuit with Juul

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SFUSD Announces Settlement in Lawsuit with Juul

Settlement will provide resources to SFUSD to amplify efforts to reduce and deter youth nicotine use among students

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San Francisco (December 8, 2022) - The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) has reached a settlement in San Francisco’s federal district court in a lawsuit against Juul Labs, Inc. This settlement is part of a global settlement with Juul Labs, Inc resolving numerous cases brought by government entity plaintiffs, including school districts, cities, and counties. This deal follows litigation that spanned over three years.

This settlement will provide additional resources to address youth vaping and youth nicotine use in SFUSD, and advance SFUSD’s mission of educating about the dangers of, and to reduce, youth nicotine use. The government entity settlement will provide resources to SFUSD and other school districts, cities, and counties to abate youth nicotine addiction in their communities.

“San Francisco public schools are champions of tobacco prevention and education, and we are very pleased with the outcome of this litigation,” SFUSD Superintendent Dr. Matt Wayne said. “This settlement represents a very positive outcome that will amplify the efforts of our health education staff and benefit SFUSD’s students by helping to reduce and deter youth nicotine use.”

JUUL Labs, Inc. is an American electronic nicotine delivery system company. JUUL Labs makes the Juul electronic cigarette, which uses a heating element to convert a nicotine solution into an aerosol, which can then be inhaled by the user. Lawsuits were filed against JUUL Labs by persons allegedly injured by use of JUUL products, consumers who purchased JUUL products, and school districts, other government entities, and Native American tribes dealing with youth e-cigarette use.

“The settlement will make a significant difference in the public health fight against youth e-cigarette use, and will further advance SFUSD’s established health education work by providing meaningful resources to support prevention efforts and education around youth e-cigarette use,” SF Board of Education President Jenny Lam said.

SFUSD has a number of health initiatives to combat the use of e-cigarettes and other tobacco products, including: 

  • Annual trainings support SFUSD staff to learn about the curriculum and resources to support tobacco prevention education.
  • Health Education is a required course for graduation from high school. 
  • Use of a research validated curriculum to teach about tobacco, E cigs, and other substances.
  • Peer education on anti-vaping and tobacco awareness campaigns through Youth Outreach Worker (YOW) students at middle grade and high schools, who are trained to provide classroom Peer Education 
  • School District Nurses are trained in tobacco and E cigarette awareness and cessation.

These settlements do not release claims against Altria Group, Inc., or its related companies that are also defendants in the federal or state litigation. SFUSD is committed to continuing the litigation against Altria.

SFUSD’s lawsuit was filed by Wagstaff & Cartmell, LLP, who will be compensated from proceeds from the suit. The district did not incur any out-of-pocket legal fees in connection with this litigation.