Community Partnerships Office

Resources for Families and Community Partners

Student and Family Resource Link

Find answers to your questions and get help to navigate SFUSD:

*Hours of operation for the phone are Monday through Friday from 9AM- 1PM. Callers can still leave a voicemail at all hours.

Family Digest and Technology Resources

See the weekly Family Digest - with information and resources

Technology resources for families

To borrow a device from SFUSD

Connect with other community partners serving SFUSD students and families

Access reports about services available through MOUs with the district - and connect with the organizations providing those services.


Connect with SFUSD staff and community partners who participated in Partners Forums over the spring and summer of 2020.


The City's Community Hubs Initiative

The City's Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) is leading the process to develop and manage the SF Community Hubs Initiative.

See their August 25, 2020 update to the Board of Education.

Visit their information page for details.




The Community Schools Toolkit

SFUSD staff and the San Francisco Beacon Initiative developed the Community Schools Toolkit - to share our guiding framework along with tools for school sites and their community partners to collaborate, participate in shared leadership, and coordinate services to support student success.