Return Safely Together In-Person Learning Plan

Return Safely Together Plan

SFUSD will gradually return students to in-person learning by adhering to health and safety guidelines and ensuring schools and classrooms are equipped with the necessary materials to keep students safe.

  • SFUSD will return to in-person learning once all actions in the district's dashboard have been completed.
  • Families will have a choice about whether to return to in-person or stay in distance learning.
  • We will not reopen any schools until we can implement all health and safety measures recommended by the SF Department of Public Health.

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SFUSD Proposal for Hybrid Learning Spring 2021

SFUSD’s Commitment

  • SFUSD is committed to reopening as many schools as possible for in-person instruction as soon as all the necessary and agreed upon conditions are met, including:
    • vaccines for staff if the Red Tier or
    • San Francisco is in the Orange Tier
    • having the infrastructure for staff and student surveillance testing
  • Physical distancing requirements prevent the District from providing five full days of instruction each week for every child at every elementary school
  • SFUSD’s unwavering priority is to provide all students who wish to attend in-person instruction with as many days per week and as many hours per day of instruction as possible while also adhering to physical distancing requirements.

Criteria for the Number of In-Person Learning Days

The number of days for full-day instruction is determined by:

  • Physical Space
  • School Enrollment
  • Staffing
  • Family Interest for In-Person Learning

PreK, Special Day Classes and County Schools

In-person instruction Monday through Friday

In Person

  • Five days a week
  • Full day of instruction*

* School start and end times based on 2019-20 bell schedules.

Schools with Fewer Requests for In-Person Instruction

In-person instruction Monday through Friday

In Person

  • Five days a week
  • Full day of instruction*

* School start and end times based on 2019-20 bell schedules.

Schools with More Requests for In-Person Instruction

In-person learning Monday and Tuesday for Group A with distance learning for remaining days. In-person learning on Thursday and Friday for Group B with distance learning on remaining days.


  • Two days a week
  • Full day of instruction*

* School start and end times based on 2019-20 bell schedules.

  • Three days a week
  • At least two hours of daily live instruction for each child

Families Choosing Distance Only

Distance learning Monday through Friday


  • Five days a week
  • Full day of instruction
  • At least two hours of daily live instruction for each child

What We’ve Heard from Families & Staff

  • Health and safety of our students, staff and families is a priority
  • Families offered choice in between in-person and distance learning
    • Families and staff report a preference for full days for in-person learning
    • Families report a preference for full week schedules for in-person learning
  • Students’ and staff social emotional well-being needs attention
  • Students and staff must have computer and internet access
  • Families want more time and interaction with teachers
  • Prioritize in-person learning for vulnerable student groups
  • Families desire more communication and consistent connection with their schools

SFUSD In-Person Registration Survey Results

Of the 80% of Phase 2A families we’ve heard from regarding in-person learning, 57% have said they prefer to send their child to in-person and 43% have said they prefer to stay in distance learning. The district is using this information to plan with site leaders.

We recognize that not all families surveyed have responded and that there is a lot of information families would like to have access to as they consider this option.

SFUSD isn’t able to share more details that are dependent on information that is not yet available. More information about survey results is available in this recent Board of Education presentation, beginning on slide 7.

Before Reopening Campuses

  • Small cohorts / groups of students identified for reopening
  • General safety measures in place, including a staff testing plan
  • All staff trained in COVID-19 health and safety protocols
  • All families informed of COVID-19 health and safety protocols
  • COVID-19 Prevention Measures in place
  • School Facilities prepped for social distancing
  • Three month supply of PPE in place
  • Instructional Learning Plans in place
  • Labor Agreements (MOUs and side letters) in place

Instructional Plan

How instruction can be delivered:

100% Distance Learning

  • 100% Distance Learning - students who will maintain instruction in an exclusively virtual environment. This includes both synchronous and asynchronous components. 

100% In-Person

  • 100% In Person - students in PK  and in Moderate/Severe Special Day classes will return to school five days a week for an instructional model that is fully in person.


  • Hybrid Learning - students will attend school in person for some portion of the week and maintain distance learning for the other portion of the week. TK-2nd*

Hybrid Instruction Strategy

  • Offer in-person learning to every family/student in identified populations who chooses to return.
  • Maximize in person instruction for the students. 
    • Finalize guidance and expectations for in-person vs. virtual learning.
    • Plan for targeted intervention and support.
    • Draft lessons and instructional plans 
    • Facilitate deeper learning, focus on literacy, mathematics and developing social emotional literacy and mathematics.
  • Incorporate the use of technology so that students can build skills to use while at home in distance context. 
  • Leveraging outdoor space for instruction, physical activity and recess
  • Toolkits and Orientations for all stakeholders.
  • Prioritize Home School Strategy.
  • Stable Cohorts will follow DPH guidance, and not exceed the maximum number of students who can safely be in attendance at one time.
  • At least 2 days a week (in-person learning) for priority groups/ 5 days for PK and Mod/Severe SDC.
  • Days in person are consecutive (i.e. Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday)
  • Students attend “full day” when they are in person.

*Adapted from February 9, 2021 Board of Education Return to In-Person Learning Update Presentation (slides 13-14)