Thriving Workforce

Our Goal: Support a Thriving Workforce

Our staff is an integral part of the school meal program, a warm smile or friendly hello can change a student’s entire day. We invest in people, technology and processes to create a thriving workforce and environment that fosters a human-centered design approach to achieving our vision. 

How we get there 

  • Hands on culinary training
  • Professional development 
  • Modernized technology
  • Career pathways for SFUSD students and staff

Culinary Skills Training

Our work wouldn’t be possible without the leadership, expertise, and historical knowledge of over 200 dining staff. This year we’ve added extended culinary professional development including knife skills and recipe creation and testing and program innovation, and are planning additional opportunities for the 2019-20 school year.

mcateer dining staff 
SNS staff Linda and Erminia after a successful lunch service at McAteer Culinary Center

Recognizing Our Dining Staff

We’re grateful to our dedicated dining staff who serve our students every day! Congratulations to the following staff who were recognized in August 2019 for surpassing 20 years of service with Student Nutrition Services:

  • Ofelia Bobadilla, Celebrating 40 Years of Service
  • Evelyn Brandon, Joanne Jeffries and Josette Johansen: Celebrating 35 Years of Service
  • Dexter James, Gloria Law and Lydia Norman: Celebrating 30 Years of Service
  • Romeo De Lara and Tonya J Stokes: Celebrating 25 Years of Service
  • Julie Cheng and Janice Mennucci: Celebrating 20 Years of Service

Career Pathways

In partnership with SFUSD’s CTE (Career and Technical Education) culinary programs, we provide hands-on culinary experience to create career pathways for SFUSD students to join Student Nutrition Services and local businesses.

This page was last updated on December 9, 2019