Built Environments

Our Goal: Create Dignified Built Environments

We create dining spaces that delight students and kitchen spaces that make it possible to prepare and serve good food. Comfortable and appealing spaces are central to how students experience the school meal program.

How we get there 

  • Renovated kitchens and equipment
  • Upgraded serving line infrastructure 
  • Redesigned dining spaces
  • Improved food presentation
  • Environmentally responsible meal program
  • More accessible serving locations

Kitchen Renovations

In Fall 2019, we celebrated the grand opening of the new McAteer Culinary Center. The kitchen will serve our Early Education sites, the two high schools on campus (The Academy and Ruth Asawa School of the Arts), and select elementary schools as part of our pilot to create fresh meals in-house and distribute across the district. At our middle and high schools, we're upgrading equipment to prepare more freshly made meals in-house. As facilities are upgraded to prepare and serve fresh food, our procurement practices can improve as well. Learn more about our efforts to nourish students with good food.

Dining Space Redesigns

Welcoming dining spaces that students enjoy are an essential part of the school meal experience. We have opened 73 redesigned dining spaces at SFUSD so far. From 2015 to 2018, a public/private partnership allowed us to complete 18 spaces. From 2018 to 2022, general obligation bond funds were used to create 55 new spaces. With new furniture, graphics, and artwork, we’re creating student-centered spaces that reflect each individual school, supporting our goal to create dignified built environments. For more information on participating in a dining space redesign process at your school, contact Ivan Rodriguez.

This page was last updated on July 1, 2022