Built Environments

Our Goal: Create Dignified Built Environments

We create dining spaces that delight students and kitchen spaces that make it possible to prepare and serve good food. Comfortable and appealing spaces are central to how students experience the school meal program.

How we get there 

  • Renovated kitchens and equipment
  • Upgraded serving line infrastructure 
  • Redesigned dining spaces
  • Improved food presentation
  • Environmentally responsible meal program
  • More accessible serving locations

Transforming the Student Dining Experience

10 Years of Change in the San Francisco Unified School District

Over the last ten years, thanks to philanthropic support and substantial funding from the 2016 GO Bond, 82 school dining spaces have been redesigned, serving over 40,000 students. In addition, 4 kitchens have been renovated, allowing for scratch and speed scratch cooking of our popular Refresh menu at 21 of our campuses. 

We have accomplished a great deal of meaningful change, and there is still more work to do.  Dive into the widespread work that has been done below.

Elevating School Food Through Improved Infrastructure

It takes time, funding, and staffing capacity to take food from:
Improving School Food

Dining Space Redesigns

Welcoming dining spaces that students enjoy are an essential part of the school meal experience. We have opened 82 redesigned dining spaces at SFUSD so far. From 2015 to 2018, a public/private partnership allowed us to complete 18 spaces. From 2018 to 2024, general obligation bond funds were used to create 64 new spaces. With new furniture, graphics, and artwork, we’re creating student-centered spaces that reflect each individual school, supporting our goal to create dignified built environments. For more information on participating in a dining space redesign process at your school, contact Ivan Rodriguez.

About the Redesign Process

All redesigned dining spaces went through the same process. First, our team conducted school community focus groups to collect student and staff input on what they would like to see and feel in their dining space. Next, our contractors got to work on constructing and installing new design elements. Lastly, we celebrate a completed student-centered dining space redesign! 

Dining Space Redesign Process

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